3 Signs Your Wedding-Planning Style May Be Too Relaxed

These habits might indicate you're too laid back about your wedding plans – yes, there's such a thing.

One may think that embodying the exact opposite of a “bridezilla” before and during your wedding would bode best for your guests and your event, but that's not always the case.

Photo: Kristin Anderson

One may think that embodying the exact opposite of a “bridezilla” before and during your wedding would bode best for your guests and your event. However, when orchestrating an affair of this importance, it’s imperative that brides maintain some authority. Yes, compromising is essential when you’re coordinating your nuptials, but when all is said and done, let’s face it: you’re the most important person in that room and your opinion matters.

These are three signs you might be lacking some fire in the bridal department – and how you can adjust accordingly.

1. Relying Too Heavily on Your Wedding Planner
You look to him or her for inspiration and decisive action. You came into the process knowing nothing, but you’re not making a concerted effort to learn.

How to Fix It: Gain a healthy curiosity! Ask questions that might spark your interest. You never know what could get you excited about the seemingly tedious procedure.

2. Making Decisions Based on Outside Pressure
It’s one thing if you and your love want to have six people reciting readings at your ceremony and invite 600 friends and family members, but if someone else – a parent, grandparent, etc. – is forcing your hand, you may need to hit the brakes.

How to Fix It: Be straightforward. It may be difficult – especially if their helping with finances – but it’s your wedding, and you should be happy with every element of your big day. Communication is key.

3. Procrastination is Your Specialty
Your attitude is très lassiez-faire when it comes to sending out save the dates, picking a caterer, or even selecting your bridal party. People are starting to ask questions to which you should already have the answers.

How to Fix It: Hold yourself accountable by any means necessary. Whether this be setting specific alarms on your phone, sending email reminders to yourself, or asking your planner/future spouse to make sure you get certain tasks done by certain dates and times. You’ll be happy you did when it gets down to the wire.