5 Bachelorette Party Alternatives to Bar Hopping

If Vegas and bar hopping isn't your thing, check out these party ideas!

5 Bachelorette Party Alternatives to Bar Hopping

Photo: Kesha Lambert Photography

When most people think of bachelorette parties, they think of wild nights dancing at a club, or even a trip to Vegas. But that’s not always the right move for every bride. Perhaps there’s a younger sister in the bridal party who is under 21, or maybe the bride just isn’t much of a partier.

Here are some ideas of how to still throw the bride a fun bachelorette party for her last night of freedom, while avoiding your favorite nightspot. Have more ideas? Let us know in the comments!

1. Spa Day

massage spa day bachelorette party

A wonderful choice for a stressed-out or low-key bride, a spa day is appropriate for all ages. One of the great things about a spa day is that it can be customized to best fit the bride’s taste. This goes for both the items on the menu (massages, aromatherapy, facials, acupuncture, etc.) and for the type of spa day itself. Make it a weekend getaway by traveling to a nearby city, book a few hours at a local day spa, or even have a mobile spa service come to your home! No matter what, it’s sure to be a good time that leaves the bride relaxed and ready for her big day. Photo by Yvette Roman Photography

2.  Slumber Party

Bridesmaids in flower print robes
An especially apt choice if the bridal party consists of lifelong friends, an old-fashioned slumber party is a great way to relive some childhood memories before a wedding. To create that perfect bachelorette ambience, throw in a Blu-ray of Magic Mike XXL while you take turns giving makeovers, braiding hair, and doing each other’s nails. A game of Truth or Dare helps to really lean into the theme and may be a great way to break the ice for a blended group that didn’t grow up together. Photo by Paul Barnett Photographer

3. Unique Performances

Drag queen performs bachelorette party

While some brides may prefer to check out an show like Thunder From Down Under, others may opt for an entertaining drag performance. Always be sure to check, but most venues hosting drag queen performances are at least 18 and over. This is the perfect bachelorette party for a bride who is a big fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race or Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Lip Sync Battle performances. For the maid of honor, this party has the benefit of very little planning: book a table and enjoy the show! Photo by Turn Loose the Art

4. Specialized Dance Classes

Las Vegas dancer at wedding reception

A dance class of the exotic nature is a wonderful way to get everyone out of their comfort zone in a fun, relaxed environment. Pole dancing classes are booming in popularity in the world of fitness, so don’t be surprised if someone at the party already has experience in the art. Most pole studios offer party packages to teach everything from pole routines, strip teases, and even twerking! This is a great way to feign a wild party without dealing with a hangover the next day. Photo by Justin Marantz

5. Concert

Boyz II Men concert bachelorette party

With old-school boy bands like New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys touring again, a nostalgia-inducing concert is a great way for your girls to get together and relive your teenage years. Or if the '80s and '90s isn’t your scene, any band or festival is a great choice as long as everyone in the party can enjoy the music. Local tour dates don’t line up well with the wedding schedule? Sounds like a perfect excuse to make a trip out of it! Photo by Karlisch Studio

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