5 Features to Look for in a Video Demonstration

Focusing your approach to reviewing videography options.

5 Features to Look for in a Video Demonstration

Photo: Handeland Tesoro Photography

If you are thinking about having your wedding professionally video taped and edited, here are some tips and questions to ask the companies you are considering. Start out by requesting a sample or demo of their work. A video company should be able to provide you with a DVD or VHS sample of their work. It is a good idea to get as many demos as you are willing to watch, you really want to choose a company who films and edits in the style you envision for your wedding.

While watching the demo, you should look for the following:

Overall quality 
Check that the picture is clear and the colors are bright. You want to see that skin tones look correct and that the colors do not bleed together. unprofessional camera footage may be grainy, dark or have blueish tones.

Slow motion 
Look that the slow motion effect is smooth and does not make you dizzy. A good editing system and software should allow seamless, flowing slow motion. (In fact if you don’t notice it at all, but everything looked slow and graceful, then it is perfect!)

There are some really great, black and white, sepia, cinamascope and film effects that can be used to enhance your video. When you are viewing your demos, look to see if they provide these effects and if it is the style you like. Some companies use these effects more than others.

Besides video content, music is the second most important component of your video. You want to connect with the music in the video, it really sets the mood. Ask the video company if they can provide a sample video with the type of music you are looking for, or ask them if you are able to choose the songs that will go into your wedding video.

Mostly importantly, you want to see that the video company has captured all the important moments in the wedding, artistically and in great detail. Make sure that the footage is steady and ask if they use professional series digital cameras. You should almost be moved to tears while watching a good wedding demo! If DVD is important to you, ask to see a sample of that. You will want to see if the DVD is laid out professionally and that the inserts, menu and chapters are for what you are looking. Also make sure that the company sends you a current sample of their work (It should be filmed and edited within that year). Ask if the people who created the demo (filming and editing) will also be filming and editing your wedding. Sometimes large companies have many videographers and editors and you will want to see a sample from the people who will actually be filming and editing your specific wedding.

Opening photograph by Handeland Tesoro Photography