5 Pre-Wedding Tasks to Stop Worrying About Today

These aspects of wedding planning aren't worth stressing over.

5 Pre-Wedding Tasks to Stop Worrying About Today

Photo: Elizabeth Messina

As exciting as wedding planning can be, it can also be one of the most stressful times in a couple's life together. Again and again, brides and grooms tell us how amazed they were at the amount of work that goes into planning a wedding, and that they didn't realize how involved they would get in making even the smallest decisions. So if you're a bride or groom currently stressing out about your wedding plans, we hear you!

It's all too easy to lay awake at night worrying about your wedding and all the tasks you need to accomplish. Family dynamics can also become especially tense during this time, as well as pressure to adhere to certain traditions. But give yourself permission to stop worrying about the following five aspects of your wedding. Trust us: these worries aren't worth your stress!

Don't Stress Over...

1. That Pinterest-inspired DIY project you swore you were going to finish.
After you first got engaged, you probably logged onto image-sharing websites and started madly pinning all of the adorable projects that would look amazing at your wedding. But if the stress of planning has begun to build, don't force yourself to do any DIY projects that have started to feel more like a homework assignment. If you have plenty of time to complete the projects and are confident that finishing them will be fun, not stressful, then go for it. But there's no need to force yourself to appliqué 200 place cards if it's only going to make you more anxious.

2. If your bridesmaids love their dresses.
As long as the dresses fit well and don't make your girls feel uncomfortable (for example, if a large-chested 'maid is expected to go strapless, or if a dress is over a bridesmaid's budget), then let any minor complaints or not-so-subtle requests for a different dress roll off your back. No, these might not be dresses every lady would have chosen for herself, but this is a time when your BFFs should be supportive of your style and tastes, not finagling for a dress in their favorite color or one that shows off their favorite body parts. Once you've decided on dresses, check that item off your to-do list and don't let unhappy bridesmaids guilt you into choosing a different design.

3. The napkins, china patterns, or font on the programs...
Also known as the tiny details that won't determine the sucess of your wedding. Yes, you want it all to look perfect, but at the end of the day, your guests will remember the love between you and your fiancé and the fun of celebrating with friends and family – not the color of the napkins. Have fun deciding on all the little details of the décor, but don't lose sleep over them!

4. What your guests will think of the event's non-traditional elements.
You and your fiancé were thrilled with your decision to hire food trucks instead of a caterer at first, but now doubts have started to creep in. What if grandma doesn't approve, or your know-it-all sister complains? Remember that this is a day to celebrate you and your style as a couple, not your relatives', and you're allowed to do whatever will make you happy. Have confidence in your decisions and get excited about introducing your guests to your favorite things.

5. That guest who might cause disruptions.
There's nothing more uncomfortable than a fight between exes or a drunk uncle who won't give up the mic. Head off any potential disruptions by telling your wedding planner and a close friend or family member about any problem guests in advance. They can keep an eye on the guest and quietly intervene before anyone even notices. Though most people tend to be on their best behavior, weddings can bring out the worst in people. You can't control their behavior, but with a plan in place, you can minimize your stress about what may or may not happen.

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