5 Tasks That Aren't the Responsibility of Your Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can do a lot for your big day – but they don't have to do everything!

It’s important to understand what is actually under the umbrella of responsibility for a consultant.

Photo: Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

After getting engaged, a wedding planner can feel like a savior when you feel overwhelmed with ideas. Suddenly, here’s this trusted professional who can swoop in and prepare the celebration of your dreams. However, while we absolutely recommend hiring a wedding planner and greatly value their skills, we know that sometimes expectations from brides can be unrealistic – especially if they're not familiar with the planning process.

It’s important to understand what is actually under the umbrella of responsibility for a consultant. Through a consultation, this professional can help you streamline your ideas into a cohesive aesthetic. Planners are also particularly helpful in finding trustworthy vendors for you to book for the big day, as well as create a timeline for the wedding party to follow.

Though they do many things for your celebration, the below checklist is what is not part of your consultant’s job, so be sure to find someone to take care of these tasks for you.

- Your errands. Someone else is going to have to pick up the groom’s tuxedo from store. Do not assume this will be done by your planning team.
- Off-hours responses. You just saw the perfect ceremony arch and need to know if your planner is in contact with a florist who can recreate it. Given that you were likely browsing through Pinterest after work, don’t expect to hear from your consultant until the next day.
- Family drama. While it’s useful to explain that your divorced parents have to sit as far away as possible while still both feeling they are in seats of honor, it is not the responsibility of your wedding planner to explain to your future mother-in-law why her daughter won’t be a bridesmaid.
- Setting up. Your florist arranges the centerpieces; the rental company sets up the tables and chairs. The consultant may help make sure this is done correctly, but it is not their responsibility to do the task – unless that responsibility is pre-arranged. It’s also not their job to have everything cleaned up when the wedding is over.
- Security. A wedding planner is not a bouncer meant to keep uninvited guests from spoiling your big day. If this is a legitimate concern, you can hire professional security guards for the event.

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