6 Awesome Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Wedding

See how you can add extra panache to a festive holiday wedding.

6 Awesome Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Wedding

Photo: Studio EMP

While having a wedding on an actual holiday is typically frowned upon, New Year’s Eve is a night that many people actually exult in being a wedding guest. It gives them glamorous plans, a genuine reason to dress up, and guarantees a fantastic party with a friendly crowd of folks that they most likely already know. As for the bride and groom, a New Year’s Eve wedding has the advantage of a built-in theme and offers a litany of fun décor options.

We gathered the top New Year’s Eve wedding ideas from real couples below, so you can see how festive this particular brand of holiday nuptials can be. See if any of the concepts inspire you to host a NYE wedding, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you have any awesome ideas of your own.

1. Noisemaker Reception Cards

Noise maker escort cards for New Year's Eve wedding

Directing guests to their reception tables via festive New Year’s Eve noisemakers will let them know from the get-go that your celebration will be filled with holiday spirit. A pretty font and ribbon accents will dress them up, so they feel wedding worthy. Photo by Studio EMP

2. Champagne Favors

Champagne wedding favors for New Year's Eve wedding

Gifting guests with bottles of Champagne prepares them for toasting your love and the New Year simultaneously, either on the spot or in anticipation of New Year’s Eve the next year. Photo by Studio EMP

3. Prop Offerings

New Year's Eve wedding favors hats and tiaras

Whether you have a photo booth or just want to help get guests into the holiday mood, offering props such as hats, tiaras, and various novelty noisemakers makes for excellent images. You can create a station just for props, or sprinkle them on tabletops as additional décor accents. Photos (L-R) by Studio EMP and Tony Florez Photography

4. Resolution Recording

Wedding guest book new year's resolutions

Take a cue from one couple’s combination guest book/resolution recording station, where loved ones were invited to list their New Year’s resolutions along with their well-wishes. Photo by Liz Banfield and Adrienne Page; Linens by Nüage Designs

5. Balloon Drop

New Year's Eve wedding balloon drop

Few things are more festive on New Year’s Eve than a delightful drop of balloons as the clock strikes midnight. Surprise your guests by unleashing a barrage of balloons from overhead as everyone leans in for a kiss on the dance floor. Photo by Studio EMP

6. Sparkler Distribution

Bride and groom kiss during sparkler exit

Make your reception exit extra exciting by distributing sparklers for guests to wave as you take your leave. It will fit right in with your New Year’s Eve theme and make for beautiful images besides. Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography; Bridal Gown by Romona Keveža

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