6 Cool Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding

These serving suggestions prove that ice cream isn't just for kids.

6 Cool Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding

Photo: Rennai Hoefer, Ten22Studio

When it comes to planning the menu for your wedding reception, chances are you'll be choosing delectable appetizers, sophisticated entrées, elegant desserts, and wedding cake, of course! However, no matter how formal your event may be, one of our favorite wedding trends is to serve a late-night snack that will excite guests of all ages. Serving ice cream, gelato, or sorbet during dinner or while guests are on the dance floor provides loved ones with a beloved, delicious treat.

While certainly refreshing for alfresco summer weddings or nuptials in tropical locales, ice cream desserts can also hit the spot after a fun night on the dance floor. From the traditional and chic, to the truly inventive, take a look at the various ways real Inside Weddings couples have incorporated this frozen goodie into their wedding menus.

1. Ice Cream Cones

A childhood favorite, ice cream cones will delight friends and family of all ages. And these miniature versions are just the right size! They can be dressed up in dipped cones or varied glassware, such as modern shot glasses, for ease of handling. Serve cones along with wedding cake, or have them passed throughout the celebration. Photography by Carasco Photography; Consulting by SQN Events

2. A Suitable Match

Offer the best of the dessert world by pairing ice cream with tantalizing pastries. This elegant presentation boasts an artistic touch. Photography by Nancy Cohn Photography; Desserts by The Breakers

3. All Grown Up

Serving ice cream in cocktail glassware offers a sophisticated and festive serving option. For example, serve soft-serve ice cream in sugar-rimmed martini glasses accompanied by cake slices, like the desserts provided at NFL wide receiver Jarrett Dillard's Old Hollywood-themed wedding. Photography by Collins Metu Photography

4. Dessert Makes a Grand Entrance

There was certainly no mistaking when dessert was coming at this Chicago wedding. The newlyweds commemorated one of their memorable dates from a trip to Miami by having servers dressed in retro malt-shop uniforms march in unison and deliver impressive ice cream-brownie sundaes in oversized martini glasses. Photography by KingenSmith

5. Have a Milkshake

Always a crowd-pleaser, friends and family will enjoy sipping miniture chocolate milkshakes from tall shot glasses. Photography by KingenSmith

6. Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

Why just serve ice cream, when you can take it to the next level and make dessert an interactive experience for your guests? This bride and groom commissioned a replica of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor to be constructed inside the ballroom. The structure was complete with a pink-and-white striped awning and marble countertops. Loved ones enjoyed root beer floats and also crafted sundaes with gourmet ice cream, waffle cones, and a variety of toppings. Photography by Lawrence Crandall Photography

Now that we've tempted your taste buds, be sure to explore our expansive galleries for more wedding menu ideas and inspiration.