6 Fun Ideas for Your Grand Exit

How to leave your big day in style.

Though some newlyweds now choose to remain at the whole reception, even following their guests to an after-party, the idea of the grand exit is still going strong. After all, there is no arguing that photos of lovebirds walking through a tunnel of sparklers looks magical, and there is a certain charm to the classically decorated “just married” getaway car. If you like the idea of making a grand exit but prefer to try something your attendees might not have seen before, we’ve created a list of options that go beyond the standard confetti, sparklers, vintage car, or horse-drawn carriage. Whether your exit is focused on how you depart or what you walk through on your way out, it’s sure to make the last moment of your wedding one to remember. 

fun, unique, exciting ideas for the grand exit from your wedding
Photo by Shaun Menary; Planning & Design by Emily Clarke Events

- Helicopter. You could casually walk out of your reception without doing anything flashy and it would still be extravagant as soon as you and your new spouse lift off in a helicopter. Not every venue would be able to accommodate this option, but it’s definitely a showstopper. 

- Colored smoke bombs. These have become trendy for engagement sessions and other portraits, but they also make for incredible photos during a getaway. 

- Boat. Obviously this option is dependent on your location, but if you get married by a lake or ocean, taking off as a pair of newlyweds in any kind of boat, from a yacht to a gondola, is quite the way to make an exit. Guests can even line up on the pier or dock and send you off with one of our other suggestions.

- Wands. This is intentionally vague as there are several styles you could utilize, from simple wands with ribbons tied at the ends to large glowing varieties. Whimsical couples could even use Harry Potter wands or lightsabers in honor of a shared love for Star Wars

- Bubble machines. Typical containers of bubbles might seem ordinary, but instead of having your guests blow the bubbles, rent a bubble machine that can automatically send them out in varying sizes for some whimsical photos.

- Party poppers. They may be a staple of New Year’s Eve parties, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit this idea to a December 31st wedding. Why throw confetti or streamers when they can be shot from a container?

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier