6 Steps to Hosting a Garden Wedding

How to embrace the on-trend venue.

When people think of wedding trends, they usually imagine dresses or décor, but different types of venues can experience waves of popularity as well. For example, a few years ago barn weddings were all the rage. Lately, we’ve noticed an increase in the amount of ceremonies held in beautiful gardens. It makes sense that these botanical areas would be popular spots to exchange vows, since they essentially are already decorated; however, as with any site for your nuptials, there are factors to consider before the big day arrives. Here are the steps to take if you decide to have your own wedding in a garden. 

steps to having a garden wedding, how to have a garden wedding
Photo by Gruber Photographers

- Decide what a garden wedding means to you. For some it’s a high society fête held within an estate, but others might think of an intimate backyard vow exchange or celebration at a small local park. 

- View photos from each season. Even if you live somewhere with good weather year-round, the amount of flowers blooming can vary. Make sure the venue will look the way you like on your date.

- Have a backup plan for inclement weather. No matter the time of year, rain or uncomfortably high or low temperatures can surprise you. Have an indoor site available or be prepared to have tents set up. 

- Add some personal touches. Although the natural beauty of the gardens will provide the bulk of the décor, you’ll still want to make the setting your own. Signage, a ceremony arch, and even the chairs can set the tone for the big day. 

- Protect guests from the outdoors. The trade off with nature is that where there are plants, there are often bugs. Find a way, such as citronella candles, to keep pests away. Providing your attendees with sunscreen, sunglasses, or fans might be appreciated as well. 

- Think fresh and local for food. Though the garden you say your “I dos” in likely grows more flowers than fruits or vegetables, embrace the theme by serving farm-fresh fare.  

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier