7 Accessories to Add to Your Bouquet That Aren't Flowers

Enhance your bouquet with feathers, pearls, succulents, and more.

7 Accessories to Add to Your Bouquet That Aren't Flowers

Photo: John Solano Photography

Who says your bridal bouquet should only include flowers?

Create a completely unique and modern bouquet by incorporating non-flower accents, such as pearls, jeweled brooches, and feathers. Adding elements besides flowers lends more layers of style and texture to your bouquet, so feel free to let your imagination run wild! Work with your florist to try out various trinkets and accents, making sure the surrounding flowers enhance, not hide, your additions. If you'll be carrying this bouquet down the aisle, you'll want it to represent your individual style.

See some creative items real brides have incorporated into their own bouquets below! Who knew that succulents, rhinestones, and butterflies looked so lovely blended with flowers?!

Jeweled Pins
bouquet with jeweled pins
Tuck brooches covered in rhinestones, diamonds, or crystals among your wedding flowers for a touch of glam! Photos by McLellan Style (left) and Danny Weiss (right)

succulent bouquet
There are many varieties of succulents in unique colors and styles. Place a few within a bouquet of classic flowers to give your arrangement a rustic, desert-inspired style. Photo by Mi Belle Photographers

Wispy Feathers
bouquet with feathers
Soft feathers add another layer of texture to a bouquet. Use delicate pieces of feather for a more subtle look, or larger plumes to make a stronger statement. Photo by Images by Berit, Inc.

Painted Leaves
bouquet with gold leaves
Leaves covered with gold paint look gorgeous in a rustic collection of flowers, greenery, berries, and cotton. Photo by Heather Kincaid

bouquet with crystals
Scatter tiny crystals affixed to wire throughout a bouquet of purple roses, combining sparkle with sophistication. Photo by KingenSmith

String of Pearls
pearl bouquets
As the ultimate wedding accessory, pearls add timeless elegance to any element of the big day. Drape a string of pearls across the bouquet, or place pins topped with pearls among the flowers. Photos by Katelyn James Photography (left) and John Solano Photography (right)

Fabric Butterfly 
bouquet with fabric butterfly
Spot the butterfly! For a bride who loves these whimsical creatures, the perfect addition to her bouquet is a jewel-toned butterfly crafted out of silk. Photo by Amanda McKinnon

For more wedding bouquet ideas, visit our wedding bouquets board on Pinterest and browse hundreds of real bridal bouquets in our photo gallery. Don't forget to search by your desired color palette!