7 Activity Ideas for Your Bridal Shower

The guests will need to be entertained somehow!

Bridal showers can be a tricky event to get right. More low-key than a bachelorette party, it’s often a mix of older relatives and close friends, so it can be tough to keep everyone entertained. Younger guests might roll their eyes at some of the classic games, while older family members may shudder at something super nontraditional. As always, it’s important to know your crowd when deciding on how to fill time during the fête, but these are some options we suggest considering.

bridal shower activities, what to do at a bridal showerPhoto by Melody Melikian Photography; Floral Design by Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design

- Crafting. This can come in many forms, all the better to cater to the group. The best activities are the ones where the guests get to enjoy the end result – such as cake decorating or jewelry making. 

- Class or lesson. Everyone loves to learn a new skill. You can bring in a professional makeup artist to show tips and tricks or hire a chef to provide cooking lessons, for example. 

- Traditional games. The classics are classic for a reason. If they feel a little corny, try to just lean into the silliness. See if you can trick the cynical guests into enjoying the games ironically.

- Scavenger hunt. This doesn’t have to be focused on items found around the venue (although that works too), but rather can be about finding different facts about people. As a bonus, it gives guests from different social circles the chance to get to know each other!

- Bridal trivia. From facts about the bride to plays on The Newlywed Game, there is no shortage of questions that people can answer for the chance to win prizes. 

- DIY spa treatments. With the rise of skincare trends, plenty of attendees are likely to enjoy making their own homemade face masks or calming bath salts. 

- Photo booth. Weddings in recent years have shown that people love a good photo booth. Whether or not this will be a feature at your big day, it will definitely be a fun addition at the shower.

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier