7 Planter Box Bases for Verdant Floral Arrangements

Rustic wooden boxes to house floral centerpieces for your austere nuptials.

7 Planter Box Bases for Verdant Floral Arrangements

Photo: Jennifer Bowen Photography

Simple details go a long way when it comes to wedding décor. A small splash of color in an otherwise ivory palette creates a very specific mood and feel to the overall concept of the day. Many couples are seeking out more laid-back motifs as of late: one of the most popular being rustic nuptials. However, when it comes to the smaller aspects of said weddings, some brides and grooms get stuck on what to add – what items will look authentic without looking random? What will give the décor some extra charm without looking tacky?

One useful and smart way to go about navigating this dilemma is to add planter boxes into your tablescape concept. These simple vessels are meant to hold a plethora of blooms and greenery at a time, and they look right at home on bare tables or with light, airy linens. If you’d like to see examples, scroll through the photos below, and be sure to click on each picture for further inspiration from that real wedding or styled shoot.

Photo by Carter Rose for F8 Studio; Consulting by DFW Events

Photo by Briana Moore Photography 

Photo by Judith Rae 

Photo by TimeFrozen Photography

Photo by Ryan Phillips Photography; Consulting by Sterling Engagements 

Photo by Jennifer Bowen Photography 

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