7 Playful Lawn Games for Alfresco Receptions

Allow your guests to enjoy the sunny weather with these games.

As the weather gets warmer, the number of outdoor weddings will increase and ideas that will create a fun and playful environment are endless!

Photo: Bonnie Sen Photography

As the weather gets warmer, the number of outdoor weddings will increase. One way couples getting married in the spring or summer can have their alfresco festivities stand out is by offering lawn games for their guests. For more traditional nuptials, this can be a fun diversion during the cocktail hour before a more formal reception. Those who want a laid-back, backyard-style reception, particular for people who don’t dream of dancing the night away at their wedding, a multitude of games will create a fun and playful environment. Get ideas of what activities to include for your fête from the list below!

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Photo by Tec Petaja

- Corn hole. This is a classic from tailgate parties to barbecues, and the best part is you can have the boards customized for your wedding. 

- Giant Jenga. The tower falling will make for a fun photo op, and you can extend this idea to many other large versions of games that you might normally play at home, such as Connect Four.

- Bocce ball. It might have a reputation for being a game of choice by the retirement set, but that’s also a sign that your guests can still play while in formal attire. 

- Badminton. This one, on the other hand, might cause your attendees to break a sweat, and as such is a better choice for more casual receptions. 

- Croquet. You don’t have to be a fan of Alice in Wonderland or Heathers to enjoy this recreational activity. Just make sure your venue is okay with you putting the wickets into the grass.

- Horseshoes. Perfect for a rustic barn wedding, the horseshoes themselves conveniently also represent good luck!

- Lawn bowling. While the constant need to set up pins may seem like a hindrance, it will also keep any children in attendance fully occupied.