7 Ways to Incorporate Elegant Lace into Your Wedding

Besides your bridal gown, discover lovely lace elements to add to your décor.

7 Ways to Incorporate Elegant Lace into Your Wedding

Photo: Daniel Kincaid Photography

Delicate detail never goes out of style, and neither does lace. This timeless textile has reappeared in weddings throughout the years – and for good reason. From a 1920s veil to the puffy sleeves of a 1985 bridal gown, lace has always had its place in nuptials. However, the dress (and the bride, for that matter) is not the only element that should utilize the fabric.

There are many other ways you can lace up your wedding without having to see it at every corner of the venue or worn on everyone in the wedding party. Fortunately, yards of the material are not required to achieve an elegant touch. If you admire lace but would prefer not to wear it, here are a few ways to incorporate the elegant material into your own celebration.

1. Invitations
If you feel like there is no place for the fabric in the actual wedding, you may consider lacing your invitations. It can be as easy as wrapping a few inches of the fabric across the card. As the old saying goes, a little goes a long way.

Lace wedding invitation by Carlson Craft

Photo courtesy of Carlson Craft

2. Bouquet
This is one example of how tiny details can make the biggest difference. Tying a piece of lace around the bridal bouquet or bridesmaids’ nosegays will do wonders in beautifying the details. Even if the dresses are not made of lace, an accent gives a lot of character to the blooms. You may even want to adorn boutonnieres or floral arrangements with this same idea in mind.

Katrina Hodgson tone it up wedding in Malibu bouquet with lace ribbon

Photo by Jana Williams Photography

3. Canopy
Most outdoor wedding ceremonies have an elegant arch and alfresco receptions have a canopy set up, usually decorated with drapery or florals. This is a great opportunity to use lace, as its delicate nature will allow the material to flow beautifully down the canopy.

Lace chuppah ceremony canopy fabric drapery at wedding ceremony outdoor

Photo by Marisa Holmes

4. Chair Covers
While lace linens may seem like too much or even too little for some couples, there is a way to include the fabric during the ceremony or at the table for the reception. You may find that wrapping lace around or over the seat covers best fits your desired theme or style.

Brittany Palmer and Aaron Zalewski oceanfront ceremony lace wedding chairs outdoor

Photo by Daniel Kincaid Photography; Rentals by Revelry Event Designers; Wedding Planning & Design by Bluebell Events

5. Linens
You don’t need a vintage-inspired wedding to seat your guests around an old-world aesthetic. The multiple patterns of this type of fabric add a special, elegant touch to any wedding style. Its lightweight and delicate nature softens the venue space and looks stunning in photographs. 

Lace like linens at seaside indoor wedding reception styled shoot tall flower arrangement

Photo by Krista Mason Photography; Linens by Luxe Linen; Rentals by Revelry Event Designers; Wedding Planning & Design by Sterling Engagements

6. Card Box
Whether it is store-bought or homemade, the card box will attract all guests. Why not dress it up with a detailed design like lace? It is simple, clean, and elegant for any type of wedding. This same concept can also be applied to centerpieces and/or place settings.

Lace details on luggage card box for shabby chic wedding

Photo by Andie Freeman Photography

7. Cake
If you can put flowers and figurines on a cake, why not lace? This can do wonders for the overall motif of the wedding since it can take the form of many things. Choose black lace if you want a spiderweb effect for an alternative or Halloween wedding, and select a nude hue with seashells on top to accent nautical nuptials. Whether you add the fabric or lace-inspired decorations, there are many ways you can achieve the look, so be creative!

Lace pattern wedding cake at Miss Illinois wedding reception

Photo by Artisan Events

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