7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Be the Ultimate Party

Discover how to help make sure everyone has fun.

7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Be the Ultimate Party

Photo: Ira Lippke Studios

Though some people prefer an intimate and relaxing wedding, others desire a celebration where everyone is partying all night long. Sure, the big day is really about the love between you and your beloved, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting everyone to have a crazy, fun time.

While you certainly can’t force people to behave a certain way or stay as late as you want, there are things you can do to influence the atmosphere of the reception. Remember that many of your attendees go to multiple nuptials a year, and you want yours to stand out. Read the tips below to find out how to make your wedding a party that no one will ever forget. 

- Have a large guest list. The more people in attendance, the more you can get away with people leaving early. Add some more buddies from college to help populate the dance floor.
- Start the party quickly. A long wait for dinner, or even between courses, as well as endless toasts may have guests looking at their watches.
- Hire a great band and a DJ. Start the evening with a killer band to get people’s energy up, and then switch to a DJ for the late-night portion just as people may be getting tired.
- Host an open bar. Guests typically are more amenable to dancing when they’re able to drink a couple of cocktails.
- Provide a late-night snack. Not only will it help soak up the alcohol, but also nothing provides a second wind quite like food.
- Include other entertainment options. Whether it’s lawn games for non-dancers, or performances to give a break to those busting a move, revelers will be reluctant to leave with so much to do.
- Offer comfort. Baskets of cheap flip-flops or flats are an easy way to help keep your attendees on the dance floor. 

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