8 Creative Cake Toppers

Unique ways to top your wedding cake.

8 Creative Cake Toppers

Photo: Simone & Martin Photography

Wedding cake toppers have come long way since the days when they simply portrayed stoic figures of a generic bride and groom. Now, couples can select a customized topper that reflects their favorite hobbies, a wedding motif, monogram, or that simply have a humorous slant. We found some fun photographs that we hope inspire you to try something unique and personal when it comes to crowning your confectionery. Notice how much can you tell about a bride and groom simply from the detail they choose to place on the top of their wedding cake. 

Kristin Spencer Photography

Paul Barnett Photography

Yvette Roman Photography

Elizabeth Messina Photography

John Solano Photography

Stephanie Wind for Wind Productions

Leslee Mitchell Photography

Opening photograph by Simone & Martin Photography