8 Strategic Wedding Upgrades That Make a Big Impact

Adding these extra details will make quite the difference on your big day.

8 Strategic Wedding Upgrades That Make a Big Impact

Photo: Laurie Bailey Photography

When meeting with vendors, there’s a lot of opportunity for them to upsell you. However, don’t think it’s all just in favor of the bottom line – a number of these upgrades can do a lot to make your wedding stand out. It’s important to analyze each offer and determine how much they will contribute to your celebration. We understand that it can be difficult to know what add-ons will actually make an impact on the big day, which is why we’ve gathered some of our favorite aspects of real weddings that can help take your event from beautiful to extravagant. 

Floral Wall

upgrade with a floral wall for selfies, no photobooth

A floral wall – or a hedge wall with a floral border – will wow your guests and give them a great opportunity for group snapshots and selfies, whether in lieu of a photo booth or as a luxe backdrop for one. Photo by Jaylim Studio


upgrade to a special charger to make your place settings look great

The rest of your dishware can be plain if you have showstopping chargers, and they'll be on the tables for the longest period of time. Photo by Jorge Santiago Photography

Welcome Bags

upgrade to welcome bags to show appreciation for your guests
More so than oft-forgotten favors, welcome bags show appreciation for guests who traveled for the big day. Photo by Carasco Photography

Ceremony Décor

upgrade ceremony decor to make your wedding special

You may not be there as long as the reception, but the ceremony is the first thing people see and it's also where your most important photos will be. Even if the space for your vow exchange is naturally stunning, an extra touch – like flower petals down the aisle or arrangements on either side of you – will make it even more special. Photo by Duke Photography

Colored Napkins

colored napkins to make your wedding tablescape pop

Even after investing in specialty linens, colorful napkins can bring everything together or add a pop of color to help your tablescape stand out. Photo by Karlisch Photography

Lounge Area

chic lounge area for people not dancing at the wedding

A chic and classy lounge area is perfect for cocktail hour, as well as for people who want to take a break from dancing in order to socialize at the reception. Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography


lighting to improve reception space

You can't see all of your beautiful centerpieces if the lighting is bad! Plus, beautiful lighting design sets the mood, adds a decorative element, and disguises elements of your space – such as venue carpeting – that you may not love. Photo by Haring Photography

Late-Night Snacks

late night snacks to upgrade your wedding

Surprising guests with late-night snacks is a great pick-me-up for those who want to keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. Photo by Perez Photography; Consulting by Diamond Affairs Weddings & Special Events, Inc.

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