8 Unique Ideas for Flower Girls to Carry Down the Aisle

Go beyond the traditional rose petals.

The bride may be the focus of a wedding, but a flower girl is often responsible for the cutest moments of the big day. The traditional process is for the child (usually between the ages of three and eight) to carry a basket of rose petals that are gently sprinkled as she walks down the aisle. Not everyone ends up choosing to go with that method, however. Whether your venue doesn’t allow it or you just want to do something different, below are options for what a flower girl can carry down the aisle besides a basket of petals. 

back view of three flower girls in full tulle ballgowns with a taupe bow with rhinestones, sock bun with bow
Photo by Duke Photography

- A sign. Often this is seen as an alternative for the ring bearer, but there’s no reason a girl can’t hold a “Here Comes the Bride” sign (or another alternative saying) as she walks down the aisle. 

- Confetti. If you still want to go the “tossing” route, but want to sprinkle something besides petals, confetti is a playful choice. Check out some eco-friendly options here

- Balloons. Is there anything more adorable than a little kid clutching a balloon? Whether you go with a trendy oversized balloon or a collection of smaller ones, this will make for darling pictures.

- A bouquet. Just because you don’t want petals tossed down the aisle doesn’t mean the flower girl can’t live up to her name. A small nosegay or even an arrangement in a basket is a twist on the traditional choice. 

- A pet. If you have a beloved dog (or another pet) and your flower girl is old enough, consider her walking the pup down the aisle for an even more adorable moment. 

- Bubbles. Instead of petals on the ground, imagine bubbles floating magically in the air. It’s also something fun to occupy the girl for the rest of the day. 

- A parasol. For a formal ceremony held outdoors, a lace parasol can add an old-fashioned touch to the processional. 

- A ribbon wand. Another playful toy that can be used throughout the celebration and beyond, this also requires absolutely no cleanup or risk of mess. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier