9 Clever Favor Ideas You Haven't Seen Before

Gifts your guests will love to take home.

9 Clever Favor Ideas You Haven't Seen Before

Photo: Kirsten Shultz

These days, when it comes to wedding favors, brides and grooms are thinking outside the box of chocolates and coming up with inventive, one-of-a-kind ways to show guests their appreciation for celebrating with them on their special day. Whether it's a scrumptious treat to satisfy a late-night sweet tooth or a personalized item that reflects location or theme, here are a few favors that caught our attention and most certainly sent guests home with smiles on their faces.

Compass. These compasses helped guests navigate to their seats and doubled as a symbolic take home souvenir of this nautical-themed wedding.(M. Bénédicte Verley Photography)

Candy Filled Swans. This wedding took place on a farm that had a large pond where two beautiful swans resided, so these favors incorporated a memorable aspect of the location and provided guests with a yummy treat. (Simone & Martin Photography)

Jars of Jam. Homemade by the bride's grandmother. You can't get more personal than that! (Sean Randall Photography)

Mini Pies. The bride and groom figured their guests would love munching on these mini pies after they worked up an appetite on the dance floor. (Nancy Cohn and Lauren Ross)

Cookies. The groom's last name happened to be Smiley which made these treats even sweeter.(John Solano Photography)

More Cookies. The bride and groom had their cookie favors cut in the shape of their initials and decorated with their wedding date. (KingenSmith)

Personal photos. The bride and groom hired an extra photographer to take photos of guests before the reception. By the end of the evening, the photos were developed, framed, and ready for guests to take home with them. (John Solano Photography)

Donuts and Milk. Want to make sure your guests leave happy and full? Send them off with a midnight-snack bag containing donuts and milk like this couple did. (Kirsten Shultz)

Wine stoppers. What better way to remember a wedding which took place at a vineyard than personalized wine stoppers? (Christian Oth Photography)