9 Ideas to Consider for your Engagement Shoot

See what to wear and how to pose with these suggestions.

9 Ideas to Consider for your Engagement Shoot

Photo: Katie Mitchell Photography

If you are one of many couples who got engaged during the holidays, or as we like to call it, “engagement season”, then you are likely gearing up to get your engagement photos taken. Though you have probably already told your family and friends (and social media followers) about your engagement, the photos are a great way to share your love and give your parents something to show off to their friends.

Engagement photos are also a popular source for save-the-date designs! For camera-shy brides who may be hesitant to add another photo shoot to the wedding process, think of the engagement session as a way to get comfortable in front of the camera, allowing you to worry less on your wedding day.

Now that you know why to get your engagement photos taken, it’s time to discover how to have them taken. Read below for suggestions on poses and outfit options. 

Exquisite Backdrop. Whether it’s snowy mountain tops, a field of wildflowers, the glimmering ocean, or a resplendent skyline, a beautiful setting makes for stunning wide shots, and adds to the overall story of your shoot. 

Sweet Forehead Kiss. Passion is exciting, but intimacy is what makes for long-lasting relationships. A gentle forehead kiss between you and your sweetheart lets your love shine through without being showy. 

Include Your Pets. If you and your beloved share a pet, that shows the life you have already built together, so why not show that life off as you prepare for your next step? Plus, animals always bring a level of unpredictability, which can lead to some great shots!

Everyday Life. While photo shoots with fancy clothes and extravagant settings look amazing, shots of the two of you living your normal life together add a genuine quality to the collection of photos. 

Goof Around with Your Hobbies.  Perhaps you and your sweetheart are fans of rival sports teams, or you regularly enjoy weekend hikes together. Be sure to play that up, and don’t be afraid to show off your senses of humor.

Complement, Don’t Match, Your Outfits. Wearing clothes that are too matchy-matchy with your fiancé can look cheesy. Focus on colors that mesh well and make sure the styles match. For example, you don’t want a formal dress paired with cargo shorts and a T-shirt!

Candids. Posed portraits are lovely, but make sure your photographer knows to get some shots when you and your beloved aren’t paying attention. You might be surprised at some of the gems you receive!

Subtly Show Off Your Ring. Forgo the shot of just your hand and instead have your ring just happen to be featured in a darling shot of you and your sweetheart holding hands. 

Save the Date. As mentioned earlier, engagement photos are useful for save-the-date cards. Instead of adding the text to the photo, consider having your wedding date in the picture itself by using a sign, banner, or really anything that you can write a date on.

For more advice on your upcoming engagement session, learn what you need to know and how to make the most of your engagement shoot. Find inspiration from these e-sessions, which took place in Paris, Malibu, Joshua Tree, and the East Coast.