A Wedding Vendor Reveals Why Weddings Are Expensive

Learn more about what makes wedding events so pricey.

Find out why modern-day weddings are so expensive – straight from a wedding professional.

Photo: Lin & Jirsa

No matter where they're getting married or how large their budget is, one thought inevitably goes through every bride- and groom-to-be's mind: Why are weddings so expensive?

In a video posted by Vox last Thursday, wedding videographer Johnny Harris seeks to answer that million-dollar question. He admits that vendors do tend to charge more for weddings than, say, a "family event" or corporate party of equal size. But then he lays out some pretty reasonable explanations for the price jump. For one, couples have never planned a wedding before and don't really know what a reasonable price is. Vendors are also usually reluctant to name their prices up front, preferring to wait until they learn more about the wedding and then provide a sales pitch and an estimate.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is the fact that weddings are "once in a lifetime" events. This translates into higher expectations from couples, which translates into more work for vendors.

The takeaway? Harris encourages couples to ask potential vendors for prices before hearing a sales pitch. Watch the entire video above for more fascinating insights into the factors that contribute to the cost of a wedding. 

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