How to Use AI to Help Write Wedding Vows, Speeches & More

Learn more about how you can utilize AI technology to write your own wedding vows, speeches, ceremony scripts, and more.

If you're at a loss for words as you start to write your wedding ceremony script, wedding vows, or wedding speech, look to artificial intelligence to help you write meaningful words that are from the heart – but crafted by AI technology.

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AI is the buzzword of the moment. Short for Artificial Intelligence, AI has the power to shape nearly every aspect of our lives – so it's no wonder it's also influencing one of life's most important events as more and more couples are using AI technology for their weddings.

Whether you love or hate how artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, it can be used for good – and it can most certainly be used to write very good wedding vows and more. From writing deeply personal wedding vows as a bride or groom, to creating a unique ceremony script as a wedding officiant for your friend's nuptials, to penning a heartfelt speech or toast for the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, harnessing AI's capabilities can help make your wedding experience more personalized and memorable.

Not sure where to start? Enter Provenance – a revolutionary wedding technology company, powered by AI, featuring a suite of digital tools and services that assists thousands of couples, as well as their officiants and wedding guests, in crafting uniquely personalized and meaningful wedding ceremonies, wedding vows, and wedding toasts. Their main offerings include a Vow Builder, Ceremony Builder, and Toast Builder to allow brides, grooms, officiants, and guests to use innovative technology to make meaningful memories.

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How Does Provenance Work?

Couples are finding more and more ways to personalize their weddings – and that includes customizing not only their décor but also the wedding ceremony itself. As an experienced officiant, CEO and Founder Steven Greitzer recognized a need in the market after reviewing outdated ceremony scripts and generic templates online, so he assembled a team of officiants, wedding planners, and engaged couples to develop a suite of services that give some of life's most special moments the meaning they deserve.

From innovative to traditional ceremonies, secular to religious vows, and ceremonies with officiants ranging from friends and family to professionals or clergy, Provenance ensures that every word spoken during the wedding weekend is authentically unique to each couple. Unlike other AI-powered tools, Provenance allows couples, officiants, and guests to edit their speeches until they are absolutely perfect – and once ready, the final content can be downloaded and printed for the big day.

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AI Wedding Vows Writer

With over 50% of couples writing custom wedding vows, the Vow Builder helps brides and grooms – more than ever – overcome the anxiety of writing wedding vows from scratch. After answering prompts designed to help couples tap into their individual thoughts, stories, memories, promises, and love for their partner and relationship, a first draft organizes their answers into custom personal vows at just a click, which they can then personalize even further until they have written perfect vows they absolutely love.

"This has been a game changer and helpful in a way I didn’t expect a program to be," shares real groom, Chad. "Provenance builds it for you and lets you use it as a reference instead of starting from scratch." And since Provenance had heard from countless couples that they were anxious about their partner's vows being drastically different from their own once they read their vows aloud during the ceremony, the Vow Builder also includes a way for each partner to view the relative length and tone of the other's wedding vows – without revealing the content of their romantic vows until they're shared on the big day.

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Writing Your Own Wedding Ceremony with AI

Since more and more couples are asking friends and family to officiate their wedding ceremony, the Ceremony Builder – Provenance's flagship offering – helps professionals and new officiants alike write the ultimate ceremony script. "We were completely lost when looking for a ceremony script," remembers real bride, Sorrell. "I loved all the options from Provenance, though still customizable! Our ceremony was beautiful and we received many compliments on it."

After filling out a comprehensive Love Story Questionnaire, viewing over 300 non-religious, religious, and interfaith Rituals & Readings, discovering a variety of options for the legally worded language, and entering logistical details for the big day, the answers are woven together into the first draft of a wedding ceremony script with just a click. Like the Vow Builder, the ceremony can then be easily edited and customized, as well as shared with collaborators before the big day on the path to "I do."

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AI Wedding Speech Writer

For those tasked with giving wedding toasts at the rehearsal dinner or the wedding itself, the Toast Builder guides speakers through crafting memorable speeches by asking curated questions about each partner and the couple's relationship. With just a click, the tool then generates an initial draft of the toast that can be customized to the speechwriter's liking.

Since couples can invite their maid of honor, best man, father, or other speech giver to use the Toast Builder, they can include the preferred toast time length, as well as any main points they'd like the speaker to steer clear of to avoid any embarrassment or time constraints on the big day.

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In addition to the three main digital tools, Provenance also offers premium services such as Professional Speechwriting and Public Speaking Support for those requiring a bit more help or desiring additional guidance. With these services, couples, officiants, and guests can access the company's network of professionals – including comedians to write funny wedding vows or speeches that will have everyone laughing, as well as White House speechwriters to craft a unique vows or a heartfelt wedding speech everyone will love – to refine their wedding vows, speeches, and ceremony – and ensure they're delivered flawlessly.

It's no doubt your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, filled with cherished moments and unforgettable memories – including the exchange of vows, the wedding ceremony itself, and heartfelt speeches throughout the wedding weekend. To create personalized and meaningful wedding ceremonies, vows, and toasts that you'll cherish for the rest of your lives, look to the groundbreaking technologies provided by Provenance to ensure every word spoken during your wedding weekend reflects your unique love story.

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