Beautiful Flowers in Shades of Blue

Our favorite blossoms to use as something blue.

Beautiful Flowers in Shades of Blue

Photo: Meg Perotti

Color has been the single most exciting trend in weddings the past few years, with some of the most beautiful and memorable décor involving unlikely color combinations. The benefit of working with experienced professionals such as wedding planners and florists is that they have the know-how and enthusiasm it takes to bring your wildest wedding dreams to life! Blue is a hot color right now and it can make for a beautiful theme for your décor; but many brides assume that flowers in shades of blue are scarce. While it’s true that blue varieties aren’t as abundant as some other bridal favorites, they do exist. When it comes to blue florals it’s important to remain flexible. Mother Nature provides a variety of blue shades to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you should include them all. Incorporating soft shades of gray or champagne will soften the blue palette with elegant sophistication. Blue florals are most abundant in spring and summer, so I suggest you choose one or two at most for your base.

Here are some blue varieties to consider:

Blue Cornflowers are cute, small flowers that look like you just picked them from a field.

Blue Delphinium have height and are fabulous for aisle arrangements, altar arrangements, and buffets. These flowers come in a range of shades, from light to dark blue, and even rich purple.

Blue Eryngium are eye catching and will bring unique texture to your arrangements.

Blue Hyacinth smell delicious! They do, however, appear more purple than blue.

Blue Hydrangea is available year-round in light blue, and seasonally in a strong, deep royal blue. A centerpiece comprised of all hydrangea creates a striking centerpiece because of its puffy shape; however, when it comes to the bouquet, hydrangea should not be the only flower used, as they wilt easily.

Blue Iris is a beautiful choice and they can also appear more purple than blue.

Blue Viburnum Berries are fun, textural elements that come in the most fantastic shade of navy blue. These look even better shiny, so add some “wow” factor by having your florist spray “leaf shine” on them!

Tweedia is a sweet, small flower that can be used as an accent piece in an organic-type arrangement. The small blooms can also be used in a boutonniere, but keep in mind that Tweedia is quite fragile.

Veronica is a deep shade of blue (almost purple) and a fun, spiky element that can bring pop to your arrangements.

Tying It Together You needn’t feel completely dependant on flowers for an infusion of blue. Adding blue elements to your overall décor, such as your lettering ink, ribbon treatment, linens, centerpiece containers, and bridesmaid dresses is a great way to incorporate the color. It is possible to order blue-dyed flowers now, including dendrobium orchids, Blue Roses from Holland, and blue carnations; however, my recommendation is to go with a natural choice. Choose one or two dramatic blue flowers and trust your florist to arrange them with the perfect companion floral to bring your vision to life in a way that is exciting without being overwhelming. 

Opening photograph by Shawna Herring