Beautifully Unique Wedding Chairs

Seating options so lovely they double as décor.

Although couples typically put much thought into the seating arrangement for their weddings, few invest much time considering the actual type of seating they'll use on their wedding day. The classic Chiavari chair is often included in the cost of renting a ceremony and reception site, and the look is beautifully timeless. Unfortunately, the popularity of (and easy access to) this style of chair results in it being used by almost everyone. Couples intent on making every detail of their weddings unique overlook the one style aspect that outnumbers any other and is front-and-center in every room shot: a sea of chairs. A sea of chairs that looks exactly like everyone else's. Replacing the usual with something different, or dressing up Chiavaris with pretty covers or satin cushions, is an affordable way to change the look of an entire room or ceremony set up. Browse some of our favorite seating alternatives and see for yourself how a single upgrade can make a powerful impact on your wedding decor.

Above, clockwise from left: Studio Nine Photography; Yitzhak Dalal Photography; Yitzhak Dalal Photography; Abby Ross & Nancy Cohn Photography

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Yitzhak Dalal Photography
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Abby Ross & Nancy Cohn Photography.
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Yitzhak Dalal Photography
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