Bridesmaid Jewelry That Doesn't Break the Bank

Marry high fashion with these affordable and colorful pieces from Celebrate Jewelry!

Bridesmaid Jewelry That Doesn't Break the Bank

Photo: Joe Buissink

One of today’s top trends is high-low fashion. This system marries a handful of key investment pieces with stylish and affordable updates to your wardrobe. Used by the world’s top fashion bloggers and editors, the mantra can also work wonders for bridesmaids. 

Agreeing to be a bridesmaid can be pricey once elements such as the dress, gifts, travel expenses, and accessories are added up. One detail that doesn’t have to break the bank is bridesmaids’ jewelry. If you’re intent on designer gowns and shoes for your girls, consider trendy accessories from retailers with lower price points to help balance the costs. There are a wide variety of jewelers who focus on designing beautiful, high-quality pieces. Nadine Abukurah is one of these jewelers. Her online store, Celebrate Jewelry, offers fashionable designs at affordable prices to help fashion lovers and bridesmaids look their best without paying a fortune. A wide selection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are available on her online shop, with prices starting as low as $7. Perfect for a colorful wedding party ensemble, these pieces look great and offer an equally stylish alternative. To view other gorgeous pieces, please visit

Radiant Celadon Blue Necklace, $23

Fun Teal Necklace with gold details, $18

Engaging Shades of Mint Necklace, $23

Exquisite Turquoise Bracelet with black and gold detail on the backside, $15

Beautiful Crimson Necklace, $23

Dazzling Tangerine Bracelet, $15

Delightful Pink Earrings, $15

Chic Lavender and Dandelion Necklace, $18

Blushing Yellow Bracelet, $15

Whisper Soft Earrings, $13

Opening photograph by Joe Buissink