Choosing the Perfect Wow Factor for Your Wedding

Insider tips on selecting the perfect focal feature for your big day.

Choosing the Perfect Wow Factor for Your Wedding

Photo: Sarah Kate, Photographer

An endless sea of flowers cascading from the walls to the tabletops, rows of crystal candelabra adding the perfect romantic glow, and hundreds of your closest friends and family all contribute to your picture-perfect wedding. Big, extravagant celebrations may cost a bit more than what has been budgeted, but there are still some alternative solutions to thrill blissful brides and grooms without shattering the spending limit. What every wedding truly needs is a wow factor – a striking focal point that draws interest and leaves your guests in awe. Choosing one aspect of the décor to be the center of attention can be much more visually impactful on the big day than a room full of lavish floral arrangements.

A breathtaking ceremonial archway. 
The heart of the nuptials is at the altar, underneath the chuppah or archway. All eyes are on the couple during the vow exchange, and some of the most memorable photographs are taken during this time. Centering your décor on the arch or chuppah not only keeps the attention of the guests on the couple, where it belongs, but also means that smaller arrangements along the aisle are likely unnecessary. Alternatively, you can use the same aisle-lining arrangements for both the ceremony and reception. As long as the flowers are changed over during cocktail hour, no guests will be the wiser. This economically efficient choice has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly as well.

A lush sweetheart table.
An eye-catching sweetheart or head table is crucial because the newlyweds will always hold the attention of the guests. For a unique and impressive substitute to a standard centerpiece, consider a lovely floral runner that goes down the length of the table and cascades off the front, resembling a magnificent curtain of blossoms.

A stunning floral-wall backdrop.
You absolutely cannot go wrong with a properly installed flower wall. The cost of a custom-created floral panel can be startling at first, but the impact it has on a special event is priceless. Able to serve as the focal point of a soirée of any scale, flower walls are breathtaking visual anchors for an entire event. Not all backdrops have to be made of actual blooms. Some of the most visually striking installations we’ve created were all-green panels featuring succulents and beautiful plants. Whether you choose a backdrop made of greenery or a wall of fluffy florals (or anything in between), an installation of verdant foliage is sure to make a grand statement on your big day.

A whimsical arrangement suspended above the dance floor.
There is nothing more magical than standing under a sea of suspended blossoms. Apart from adding a secret garden-inspired touch to the occasion, the hanging flower structure utilizes negative space that would otherwise be left empty. Cascading florals can completely transform a room, and are able to be utilized for both the ceremony and the reception area, particularly if both the vow exchange and subsequent celebration will be held in the same location. During the ceremony, the swaying blooms will be nothing short of dreamlike. As your guests enjoy cocktail hour in a separate area, arrange for the ceremony seating to be replaced by dining tables for your reception so you can enjoy the wow factor-worthy hanging flowers the entire day.

While traditional grand centerpieces can still impress, choosing to invest in one strong focal point will stick in the minds of your friends and family. For a wedding to remember, choose an eye-catching display that is sure to have everyone saying, “Wow!