Creative Ways to Serve Comfort Foods During Cocktail Hour

Discover sophisticated ways to serve your favorite dishes to wedding guests!

Creative Ways to Serve Comfort Foods During Cocktail Hour

Photo: Chrisman Studios

Great food is the secret ingredient of any memorable wedding, and nothing makes guests happier than choosing from an array of classic comfort foods. But if your celebration is a formal affair, these comfort foods may seem out of place among the elegant décor and ambience. These dishes can also be difficult to eat during the cocktail hour, when guests will be mixing and mingling and won't enjoy chowing down on hard-to-eat classics like tacos. 

However, there's no need to forget your dream of serving mac and cheese or hamburgers at your wedding! The key is to control the portion size and serving method of each dish, so you can offer your favorite foods without sacrificing style. Think bite-sized hors d'oeuvres and snacks served in convenient glasses or spoons. Read on to discover how to elevate classic comfort food to satisfy guests' palates while complementing a formal cocktail hour.   

Everybody loves tacos... but no one likes eating them standing up, with a high likelihood of spilling on their brand-new outfit. Keep things simple by serving bite-size tacos with just a couple of fillings, like pulled pork and coleslaw. Delicious and mess-free! Photo by Harwell Photography

Thinking of serving mac and cheese, but don't want to worry about passing out forks and bowls? Serve small tastes of mac and cheese in elegant spoons! Photo by Elizabeth Solano

Guests will love snacking on French fries served in cute paper cones. Be sure to have the fries made to order so they retain their crisp! Photo by Chrisman Studios

Make your meat-loving guests' day by serving bacon! Keep it sophisticated by wrapping scallops with slices of bacon. Photo by M. Benedicte Verley

Your guests won't have room for dinner if they fill up on full-sized cheeseburgers during cocktail hour. But you can still satisfy their cravings by offering tiny burger bites! Photo by M. Benedicte Verley

After enjoying tons of savory, rich hors d'ouevres, guests will welcome a cool, refreshing selection of fruit served in martini glasses rimmed with sugar. Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

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