Discover 6 Reasons Why You Should Host a Wedding Abroad

The Director of Romance at Sandals Resorts shares the top reasons to opt for a destination wedding.

Discover 6 Reasons Why You Should Host a Wedding Abroad

Photo: Sandals Resorts

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With wedding options increasing at an exponential rate, couples spend countless hours sorting through venues, attire, and vendors to ensure their wedding is distinctive, exudes personality, and will truly be unlike any other event. To cut through the clutter and create an incredible celebration, many are choosing to embark on a destination wedding. Popular for their sheer beauty and unique allure, venues in faraway places are becoming quite popular. Take a look at my list of top reasons to marry afar and decide if a destination wedding is right for you.

Middle Ground
It’s not unusual to meet a couple that grew up on opposite sides of the country but met, fell in love, and became engaged in a completely different city. With friends and family spread across the nation, it isn’t obligatory to host a hometown wedding, and you can certainly opt for an alternative. For example, if you grew up in Florida and your groom-to-be is from New Jersey, you might decide to celebrate your special day somewhere in the middle such as the charming city of Charleston, South Carolina. For a more exhilarating destination, you can invite everyone to jet off to an exotic location like the Caribbean or South Pacific. 

A Picturesque Backdrop
When you picture the scenic backdrop of your ideal wedding, what do you envision? Whether you prefer the beach, a tropical garden, a hilltop gazebo, a vineyard, or the mountainside, there is a destination to fulfill your dream setting. In addition to the ever-enticing allure of tropical destinations such as Jamaica and the Bahamas, the unique topography of many United States destinations – including California’s wine country and the incredible mountains of Wyoming – is drawing couples stateside. If you don’t mind going the distance, a European destination wedding offers a variety of venues boasting romance, history, and awe-inspiring architecture, from dreamy cathedrals to medieval castles. A helpful hint: Always remember to keep weather in mind when looking into unfamiliar regions of the world. Consider rainy seasons, tropical storms, and other weather conditions such as humidity, wind, and high UV-index levels. 

The Ease of Technology
What once required costly assistance from an expert in the travel industry can now be done in the comfort of your own home. With such a vast array of online capabilities, scouting locations for a destination venue from your home office is easier than ever. Between virtual tours, thousands of online images, and wedding blogs, there are numerous resources designed to help you find inspiration for your ideal setting. Some destinations even offer online tools that bring couples’ dream weddings to life. 

Time with Guests
Whether you’re headed to a tropical island, historical city, or rustic farm, there are bound to be plenty of activities and attractions for you and your guests to enjoy. With fewer guests and more opportunities to celebrate all together, destination weddings tend to be more intimate. These events typically begin with a welcome cocktail party for family, the bridal party, and wedding guests, followed by days of activities to make the extended trip worthwhile. Those staying at all-inclusive resorts can take advantage of complimentary activities offered such as snorkeling, sailing, and tennis, or splurge on spa treatments and off-property excursions. Wedding guests can also explore a new destination by taking in the sights of the surrounding area. Some couples create multiple-day itineraries for their guests to maximize time, including tournaments, themed brunches, mixology classes, and more in their schedules. 

Stress Minimization 
While it’s an exciting time, planning a wedding is often stressful. At many resorts, the staff offers to manage almost all of the wedding elements, including photography, catering, floral design, and entertainment. This can alleviate pressure as couples avoid having to research and book each individual element separately. 

An Elevated Honeymoon
Planning a honeymoon usually requires further travel costs that can be avoided if the two events are booked at the same locale, and many destination-wedding venues also offer a variety of honeymoon packages. Additionally, with the help of friends and family, you can receive an enhanced honeymoon experience that brings you and your groom everlasting memories. Many resorts and destinations offer gift registries that allow you to select from a menu of distinctive honeymoon experiences. Registry gift items can include private candlelit dinners, massages, spa packages, cooking classes, unique sightseeing tours, and much more.

If you’re looking for some help determining which destination and resort will best fit your needs and serve as a dream location for your wedding, call your local travel agent or contact a wedding consultant. They’ll be able to answer questions, guide you through the decision-making process, and help ensure that your wedding day is perfect. 

Photo by Sandals Resorts