Discover Ways to Make Sure Your Guests Have a Great Time

Here are some tips for creating the best experience for your attendees.

Here are some tips we at Kesh Events have collected over the years for creating the best time for your guests!

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With wedding planning comes many intricate details and the desire to visually articulate a couple’s love story; the right planner can help you achieve these goals while also concentrating on the experience of your friends and family. If executed properly, not only does one have a happy couple at the end of the night, but also loved ones who leave the event feeling as if they had just attended the best party of their lives! The memories will ultimately stay with your guests long term, constantly using your special day as the standard for which they measure other celebrations.

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With that in mind, here are some tips we at Kesh Events have collected over the years for creating the best time for your guests:

Décor Scheme
We have always been taught that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. From candles lining stairways to walls adorned with thousands of meticulously placed flowers – you can't go wrong with a breathtaking grand entrance. Décor sets the tone, stirs up feelings of excitement, and forges a certain ambience.

For a curated experience, consider creating a different mood for each portion of the festivities. For example, at the ceremony you may want to use soft amber lighting and light classical music to create a romantic, ethereal feel. While for cocktail hour, jazz and signature libations can be used to establish more of a lounge vibe. When I design a room, I think of it from top to bottom, with extravagant lighting, visually stimulating centerpieces, textured linens, couture stationery, and a fabulous dance floor area.

Florals & Tabletops
People will always enjoy being surrounded by lush floral arrangements, so put some thought into the varieties you choose. Consider that guests may sit at their dining tables for hours, so this is where you really want to make a statement. Play with a mix of long, square, and round tables with a unique centerpiece for each. It doesn’t have to be the tallest, grandest display ever seen, but it should reflect your taste, be interesting, and not impede the conversation of your guests.

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Photo by Amy Anaiz Photography; Floral & Event Design by Kesh Events; Linens by Nüage Designs

Lighting Design
Lighting is one of the best ways to transform a room. Candles always add the perfect finishing touch; however, you should also play with patterns, pinspots, and room washes, as it can take the space to a whole new level. Conversely, poor or little lighting can ruin the experience for everyone.

Customize the entertainment for the day to fit your personal styles. I love the idea of a live performance as guests walk into the room – harpists or violinists are great ways to start a party on the right note. Live wedding bands and singers are another option – nothing gets your friends to the dance floor and makes sure it stays packed more than live performances of some of their favorite songs. Invite attendees for dance sets in between dinner courses so they don’t grow tired or complacent.

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Photo by Amy Anaiz Photography; Floral & Event Design by Kesh Events; Linens by Nüage Designs

One of the main things people will remember about your wedding is their dining experience. From cocktail hour, to dinner, and even the after-party, food is one of the most-talked-about elements of any celebration. Today, couples are applying a good portion of their spending limit on crafting creative menu options, including gourmet food stations and meal courses perfectly paired with various wines and libations. Don’t let your guests down when it comes to their meal quality, and don’t offer food so late into the reception that revelers notice their hunger.

Continue the celebration with an after-party! Here, couples typically introduce a new décor scheme and reinvent the same lounge seating, lighting, or floral fixtures from earlier in the day. Have slippers in various sizes on hand, set up creative food, drink, and dessert stations, and hire a DJ who is skilled at keeping guests involved and on the dance floor. A talented planner can help you coordinate a late-night event that continues to surprise family and friends with small details that make a big impression.