Does Your Venue Accommodate Disabled or Handicapped Guests?

How to ensure that your special day is accessible for everyone.

Does Your Venue Accommodate Disabled or Handicapped Guests?

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As you begin researching venues and scheduling appointments to visit the locations, the guest list should be one of the first factors you consider. Not only will you want to choose a property that is comfortable for your guest size, but you should also think about your disabled and handicapped attendees and learn more about the accessibility available. This is a crucial factor for many couples, since not every venue you come across will in fact accommodate those with limited mobility. The comfort and enjoyment of your attendees is a great priority and a concern you’ll have to put thought into for the sequence of events throughout the big day.

Even if you are unaware that you’ll have an impaired guest, it is still a good idea to question the accessibility of the venue. If you do not quite know what to ask, review these questions to help you discover which venue will best accommodate your guests’ needs.

- Is it wheelchair accessible? Most venues will have ramps to help guests who cannot walk the stairs, but some have not been renovated for historical purposes. If there are none, you can always rent a ramp for the day.

- Do you offer handicapped parking? Even if the location does not have a parking section for disabled visitors, you may ask to reserve an area for specific guests. Depending on how far the lot is, the venue may offer a shuttle system or other forms of accommodation.

- How accessible are the bathrooms? Because restrooms may not be as spacious as the rest of the venue, be sure to question the size of the stalls and the pathways in which to get there. Many venues have at least one handicapped stall available.

- Are there any elevators? Instead of ramps, some places have elevators that are convenient for any guest. Ideally you’ll want the elevator to be large enough to fit one or more wheelchair, and you also want to ensure that it is a safe and functionable system.

- How spacious is the venue in general? You don’t want a guest in crutches or with a cane to feel cramped as he or she arrives to the soirée or walking to his or her seat. Not only is this dangerous, but it will create a miserable experience for the attendee. 

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