Dramatic Grand Entrance Ideas for Your Ceremony

It's your moment to shine!

Instead of simply emerging from church doors or walking from the bridal suite to your outdoor area, consider a more dramatic entrance.

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Photo: Daniel Kincaid Photography

Your wedding day is a time where you’re supposed to be the center of attention. For some people, this makes them nervous and anxious. For others, it’s one of the best parts of the celebration! Of course eyes will be on you during the walk down the aisle, vow exchange, first dance, and more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still start the occasion with a splash. Instead of simply emerging from church doors or walking from the bridal suite to your outdoor area, consider a more dramatic entrance. People might think of this as primarily a plan for brides, but there is nothing wrong with a groom getting some attention as well! The below ideas can work for anyone getting married who wants to add a wow factor to their entrance. 

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Photo by Lane Dittoe Photography; Planning & Design by Thomas Bui Lifestyle

- Vintage car. The classic choice for a getaway vehicle, instead you can showcase the sweet ride while everyone is still in attendance. Plus, it can still be used for your grand exit and symbolize how you arrived as an individual and left as a team. 

- Ride a horse. Particularly fitting for rustic or boho-chic weddings, arriving to the aisle on horseback is a great way to show personality for those who grew up on a farm or riding horses.

- Add a gate. Maybe you’ve actually always loved that moment when the church doors open for the bride (or groom!) to walk down the aisle… except when the big day arrives you decided to get married outdoors. Have your design team bring in a standing gate. Adorned with flowers, it will not only be a lovely focal point, but will bring you that moment you dreamed about. 

- Take a boat. Getting married by the water? Take a boat to the ceremony! This single idea alone has many different options: simple rowboat or gondola, a dramatic sailboat, or even a practical ferry.

- Arrive by helicopter. This is certainly the most dramatic (and expensive) option, but there is no way any of your guests will forget seeing you exit a helicopter before your vow exchange. Just make sure you don’t mess up your hair!

- Classic horse-drawn carriage. Perfect for anyway who wants to emulate a royal wedding, there has always been something magical about a horse-drawn carriage. 

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