Elegant Wedding Themes Inspired by Your Favorite TV Shows

Let "Downton Abbey," "Lost," "Game of Thrones," and more guide you in your wedding design.

See what weddings inspired by five top TV shows would look like, below. For TV fanatics, wedding planning while enjoying your favorite show combines the best of both worlds!

Photo: Milton Photography

When it comes to wedding planning, inspiration can come from anywhere – even your favorite TV shows!

Many shows feature a strong sense of time and place that, with a little creativity, can be translated into an elegant celebration. This isn't a costume party, so consider how to incorporate subtle nods to the show. If your favorite show is set near the ocean, like Lost, Hawaii Five-O, or The OC, plan a relaxed celebration on the sand. For fantasy enthusiasts, look for ways to include rich florals, greenery, and fun details like swords, candelight, and stone. And for nature-themed weddings in the mountains, get inspired by modern Westerns like Deadwood for ideas on bringing an outdoorsy celebration to life.

See what weddings inspired by five top TV shows would look like, below. For TV fanatics, wedding planning while enjoying your favorite show combines the best of both worlds!


hawaii wedding

There's only one location to consider when planning a Lost-inspired wedding: the beach! Head to Hawaii, where the show was filmed, and let your guests kick off their shoes at a ceremony on the sand. The castaways didn't have many resources on the island, so no need to feature tons of brightly colored flowers or extravagant décor – instead, focus on easy, relaxed details like shells, wooden furniture, and tiki torches. At the reception, evoke the spirit of the ocean with coral centerpieces. When it's time to eat, Apollo bars, peanut butter, and fish biscuits are optional. Photos by Steve Steinhardt; Calligraphy by Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Sex and the City

new york public library wedding

For a celebration inspired by Carrie and Big's epic romance, head to the New York Public Library, the site of their first planned wedding (and admittedly, a lot more fabulous than their eventual courthouse ceremony!). The iconic exterior makes for unforgettable wedding portraits, and the high ceilings of the indoor event space are even more grand. Lush purple lighting and glass vases brimming with flowers beautifully complement an epic, stylish love story. Photos by Ira Lippke Studios

Downton Abbey

downton abbey wedding

Take inspiration from the stately manor houses of the European countryside. Choose a venue with high ceilings, elegant moldings, and tall windows, and fill the space with feminine, handpicked flowers in pastel shades. Candelabra centerpieces add soft light, and neutral linens create a cheery air. Wear a gown inspired by the 1920s, and don't forget to include a teacup at each place setting! Photos by Milton Photography

Game of Thrones

game of thrones wedding

Let's hope your Game of Thrones wedding goes better than the infamous Red Wedding! Evoke an atmosphere of medieval fantasy at a venue featuring stone walls and wooden doors. Dine at long tables topped with wildflowers, fruit, and greenery tucked among goblets and candelabras, of course. To really enhance the theme, dress in costumes inspired by your favorite characters, accessorized with swords! Photos by Alexandra Nurthen Photography


rustic western wedding

Couples who love the outdoors will find tons of inspiration in Deadwood, the HBO series about a South Dakota mining town in the 1870s. Look for rustic barns and log cabin-inspired venues that feature sweeping views of forests and mountains. A reception tent allows the scenery to take center stage, especially if you choose simple linens and flowers that enhance,, rather than distract, from the surroundings. Serve up a signature cocktail featuring whiskey as a nod to Gem Saloon. Photos by Carrie Patterson Photography