Exciting Ideas for Guests During Your Grand Exit

A list of fun, unique ideas for your guests to get involved in during your grand exit.

Exciting Ideas for Guests During Your Grand Exit

Photo: Karlisch Studio

Leaving your wedding reception might be a tad somber, but that’s why more and more couples are choosing to do some kind of “grand exit” to commemorate their send-off with a “bang.” Though traditionally, guests would throw rice as the newlyweds departed – this was meant to shower the new married couple with prosperity, fertility, and good fortune – modern day brides and grooms have all but done away with this custom in favor of more personalized options.

Of course, each wedded pair must operate under the rules and restrictions of their venue, so the tossing of any items may not be an option, but we have put together a list of alternatives to the “rice” tradition that are sure to jazz up your big exit!

If You CAN Throw Things:

-  Throw birdseed. There are theories that the throwing of uncooked rice began to go out of style because birds would nibble on the grains, the rice would expand in their stomachs, and prove to be fatal for them. To be a little more environmentally conscious, some couples have given guests birdseed to toss. If you’re incorporating an eco-friendly motif, or if you simply enjoy the idea, purchase small baskets filled with just a handful or two of feed each, and have them accessible to attendees before you flee for the evening.

-  Throw flower petals. This can give your exit a whimsical feel. Keep in mind that an excessive amount of petals can be a waste of countless blooms, so if you choose to go this route, we suggest having a very limited number of perennials and baskets – not every guest needs to have one!

-  Throw sprinkles. This is a fun idea for those couples that love added bursts of color in their aesthetic, or a pair that enjoys baking. Make sure to purchase the smallest or lightest sprinkles you can – getting pelted with these vibrant little candies can sometimes hurt!

-  Throw confetti. For this option, you can use typical, store-bought confetti, or even consider getting custom confetti. Couples have gotten specially made samples out of sheet music, recipes, maps, and other paper products that held sentimental value for them – it’s yet another way for friends and family to shower you with love.

-  Throw lavender/sweet-smelling perennials. For a send-off that satisfies everyone’s sense of smell, consider providing small buds of lavender for your guests to toss. With these little flowers, you should follow the same suggestions as with the petals and opt for a “less is more” effect. 

If You CANNOT Throw Things:

-  Wave custom wands. If you want a fairy-tale exit, but your venue does not allow throwing – or you don’t care to be peppered with petals – consider purchasing small wands for revelers to wave around at you and your beloved as you jet off toward your getaway vehicle. These wands can be made to fit most themes; you can include sequins, lace, ribbons, etc. After the event, your guests may also want to take them home for their children!

-  Light the night with sparklers. If your big moment will be occurring after dark, borrow this summertime practice and provide your friends and family with Fourth of July-style sparklers. Of course, ensure that the space is open and big enough to accommodate these favors – hopefully, your guests will space themselves out and avoid putting their sparklers near anything flammable!

-  Wave a personal flag. In lieu of wands, some pairs might consider buying custom flags for their attendees to wave at the happy couple. They can have your names or initials printed on them, as well as fun phrases or loving sentiments that relatives and friends can take home as favors.

-  Ring out the bells. If you’d like your exit to have an extra element of song to it, you can purchase small bells to replicate the customary “wedding bells” of days past. Everyone will have a fun time ringing these small music makers; it will be like exiting to your own custom wedding tune.

-  Blow playful bubbles. This trend is on the rise, as it is incredibly playful, easy to maintain, and a favorite as a wedding favor. Provide guests with small bottles of bubble liquid and have them blow them toward you and your new spouse as you leave your reception. Since it’s the end of the night, no worries if some residue gets in your hair! 

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Opening photo by Karlisch Studio