Finishing With Fabric: Embellishing your décor

As recently as a few years past, when someone mentioned fabric in relation to décor, they were typically referring to a tablecloth or wall covering. Today, fabrics can be used for so much more, from chair covers and table runners, to personalized accents. Fabrics add texture, color, and dimension to any design concept, so read on to discover just some of the ways textiles may be used to help transform a space.

If you are hosting your event in a location that has hard edges, fabric can add texture and softness. White, gauzy material is a simple and affordable touch that can transform any location into a romantic space.

Décor. Venues will often feature a permanent structure in the ceremony area to be used as a chuppah or altar. Fabric is the perfect way to soften the look, create a different shape, and bring in your color scheme. A few chandeliers suspended beneath the drapery will create a luxurious look and a romantic glow.

Spatial adjustments. If you fall in love with a location that is a bit too large for your guest count, using fabric to reduce the space can really help. Or, use fabric to conceal the “after-party” area until the dinner service is complete.

Intimacy. Draping a ceiling to lower the height of a space creates an intimate dining experience. Depending on your location, it may also help with acoustics as well.

Fabric is amazing at hiding flaws or elements of your venue that you wish were not there!

Artwork. Many venues will not allow you to remove art from its walls even if it clashes with your wedding décor. Draping some fabric along the area is an easy fix!

Work zones. If there is a visible food-service area in your reception space that is better left unseen, you can create a fabric partition that allows the kitchen to run smoothly while keeping your reception area looking beautiful.

Performance areas. If the stage backdrop is visually unappealing, fabric can easily transform it. Add some beautiful tiebacks and highlight the scene with a few up-lights in your color scheme, and you have created a beautiful element for your reception.

Customization in a wedding is very important. Your event should be about you and your fiancé. The environment that you create should reflect the personality of each of you and fabric is an ideal way of creating some of these personalized details.

Furniture. If you find the perfect line of furniture for your event and it does not match your color scheme, chances are your designer can easily create slipcovers to match. This option is much more economical than creating a custom design from scratch. Not only can this be done for your lounge furniture, but with your accent pieces as well. Take the pattern from your table linens and create pillows and slipcovers for lampshades. You can also add coziness by bringing in another texture with a throw blanket in one of your accent colors.

Custom printing. This is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. Printing your event motif onto throw pillows or your dinner napkins is a perfect personalized touch, or consider adding your monogram to table runners and chair covers.

Mixed textures. Don't be afraid to mix colors and patterns as well as texture. Interchanging soft fabric pillows with sequins pillows, for example, is a unique and stunning look.

In today’s wedding-design world, fabric is becoming more and more of an essential “must-have.” When you are wondering how to fix, hide, or create a style element, think of all the creative uses of fabric. The options are limitless as well as affordable.

Authored by: Mistyka Garcia

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