How to Avoid Crying Through Your Ceremony

Because waterproof mascara isn't always enough!

Simply not crying is certainly easier said than done, which is why we’ve provided some tips.

Photo: John Cain Photography

how to keep from crying on your wedding day
Photo by Carter Rose for F8 Studio; Planning & Design by DFW Events

“I always cry at weddings,” is a statement you’ve probably heard countless times. Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself! If you’re the type to get emotional at movies, weddings, or even while watching commercials, you may be worried about crying during your own trip down the aisle. While there’s nothing wrong with showing emotion – in fact, many guests will find it touching – it’s also understandable to not want to spend your ceremony sobbing. Not only do you not want to ruin your makeup, but you also probably want to avoid pictures where you’re “ugly crying.” Sure, waterproof mascara and setting powder or spray exist, but in addition to cosmetic reasons, it can be hard to fully appreciate the moment if you’re crying so hard that you are worried about getting tears and snot on your bridal gown! But simply not crying is certainly easier said than done, which is why we’ve provided some tips below.

- Practice saying your vows, perhaps even doing so at the ceremony rehearsal, in order to keep the emotions from overwhelming you.
- Have a "first look," as seeing your future spouse before the service can be a helpful calming mechanism.
- Don’t walk down the aisle to a sappy song that makes you think of a time in your relationship. The traditional “Bridal Chorus” or “Canon in D” may also have you reminiscing about how long you’ve waiting for this day, so try a classical tune without too much sentimental significance. 

- Include some comic relief in your vows. A playful moment will help break the tension of trying not to cry.
- Take calming, meditative breaths while the officiant and your sweetheart are speaking.

- Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. It sounds weird, but it can really help keep the tears from flowing.
- Distract yourself with simple math equations or counting the freckles on your future spouse’s face. Just don’t get so distracted that you tune out the vows!
- If you can’t stop yourself, let the tears fall gently for a romantic teary look instead of straining your face to try and halt the drops, which is more likely to turn your expression into the feared “ugly crying” look. 

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