How to Bring Nature Into Your Indoor Wedding

Create an alfresco ambience even when there is a roof overhead.

Even if you can’t have your event outside due to the season or any other reason, you can still recreate the feeling of the outdoors in a ballroom, or any indoor space!

Photo: Roey Yohai Photography

Wedding trends will always come and go, but one that continues to be very popular is the outdoorsy, natural look. There is so much beauty in the world, it's definitely a romantic feeling to express your love while surrounded by a garden or forest. However, being married outdoors is unfortunately not a realistic option for every couple that desires such an aesthetic for their big day. It may be more practical to get married in an urban area, the weather might be too unpredictable, or accessibility for older guests may be a concern. Even if you live (or are tying the knot) somewhere with pleasant weather in the winter, the early sunsets might make an alfresco celebration undesirable. The good news is, even if you can’t have your event outside, you can still recreate the feeling of the outdoors in a ballroom, or any indoor space!

Read how to incorporate the outdoors into your indoor event, below! For more information, be sure to click the links below the photos from real weddings.

how to bring the outdoors in to your wedding, how to have a nature themed indoor wedding

Photo by Edmonson Photography; Venue: The Breakers; From Real Wedding: Catholic Ceremony + Reception at The Breakers

How to Bring the Outdoors Into Your Indoor Wedding


A popular option we’ve seen many couples use is having trees brought in as their décor for the ceremony and reception. If actual growing trees aren’t an option for your venue, the look can be created out of branches and greenery, forming jaw-dropping centerpieces that appear to grow through the table.

trees as wedding decor in wedding ceremony ballroom

Photo by KT Merry Photography; Planning & Design by Posh Parties; Venue: The Breakers; From Real Wedding: A Dreamy Luxury Wedding with White Décor + Greenery in Palm Beach, Florida

Ceiling Installations

Plenty of indoor weddings have an abundance of florals and verdure, but by adding those gorgeous elements above the heads of your attendees as ceiling installations, everyone will feel properly surrounded by nature.

Garland Runners

Instead of flowers displayed on vases or stands, a low arrangement directly on the table will made guests feel like they’re eating along a blossom-lined path. For a more opulent look, have the runner fall gracefully to the floor.

flower and garland runner on long table at wedding reception

Photo by Bryan N. Miller Photography; From Real Wedding: Dreamy Alfresco Wedding with Textured Florals and Lavender Accents

Stump Slabs

A slice of wood from a tree trunk can be used to display your cake, candles, card box, and so much more – all while creating the feeling of being at a refined cabin in the woods. 

tree trunk slab wood holding escort cards wedding reception

Photo by Carrie Rodman Photography; From Real Wedding: HGTV Star John Colaneri's Rustic Newport Wedding

Boxwood Wall

Instead of a glamorous flower wall, use boxwood hedges for your backdrops, and it will be as if you’re inside a garden maze. It also creates a beautiful, garden-like feel!

boxwood hedge wall with white flowers decorating wedding reception

Photo by Lilly Photography; From Real Wedding: Traditional Greek Orthodox Ceremony + Ballroom Reception in Chicago

Unstructured Florals

While carefully curated bouquets and centerpieces have their own style of beauty, if you want a more natural look it’s best to embrace wildflowers and less common blossoms of varying textures to be loosely gathered. 

unstructured organic flower centerpieces at wedding reception

Photo by Kevin Le Vu Photography; Planning & Design by Harutyunyan Events; From Real Wedding: Modern Armenian Wedding Featuring a Bold Indoor Garden Theme

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