How to Deal with a Snow Storm Near Your Wedding

It's good to be prepared if you're getting married in the winter.

Winter can be an incredibly romantic time to host your wedding, but there’s a reason it’s the least popular season for tying the knot: the weather. As beautiful as snow can be, it can also make traveling and other logistical issues difficult for guests and vendors. It’s one thing if there’s already snow on the ground, but what happens if a storm hits on your wedding day? Unlike couples who have to plan for rain, sweethearts getting married in the colder months likely were not planning on hosting the ceremony outside. While it may initially seem like a plan B is unnecessary, there are still steps to take if a snowstorm threatens your big day. 

what to do if it snows on your wedding day
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There are some things to take into consideration ahead of time, in order to help things go smoothly when the day arrives. When choosing a venue, make sure it’s one that has hosted celebrations in the winter before. They should have an adequate heating system in place, as well as procedures to make sure driveways and paths are clear for your vendors and guests. Wedding insurance is also a must – we recommend it for everyone, but particularly for winter nuptials. That way, if a terrible blizzard hits that makes travel impossible, you’ll be covered. 

As always, it’s also of the utmost importance to think of your guests. In addition to making sure everyone is warm enough, there needs to be a way for people to get to the venue safely. This could mean hiring reliable transportion for everyone, a valet service to keep attendees from having to walk across an icy parking lot, or even selecting a more accessible venue. Hotels can be a great option for the winter because just about everyone involved in the big day will be all in one place – no need for loved ones to brave the frigid air outdoors if they can take an elevator to the reception. 

Communication is also key. Remember that not all of your guests will be accustomed to winter weather, so you’ll want to make any pertinent information available. Send out emails or texts about travel advisories – people can’t be expected to check the wedding website daily. Above all else, remain flexible and remember the most important thing is that you get to marry the love of your life. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier