How to Get the Most From Your Cake Tasting

You'll need to learn more than what your favorite flavor is!

How to Get the Most From Your Cake Tasting

Photo: Clane Gessel Photography

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Out of every aspect of wedding planning, the most fun – and delicious – part must be the cake tasting. While you show your prospective baker the design options you have in mind, you and your sweetheart also get to test different flavors, fillings, and frostings for your cake. Brides and grooms often talk about not getting a chance to eat the confection at the wedding itself, so make the most of it when you are selecting your choices. However, you don’t want to be so excited to try the dessert that you forget to ask any questions you may have and fail to learn the information you need.

Before you book your consultation, take a look at these tips to make sure you get the most out of the appointment. 

- Know your budget beforehand so you don’t fall in love with an unattainable design.
- Bring in example photos you like, just as you would when dress shopping.
- You should book your baker three to six months before the wedding, so you should begin your search a little before that.
- Seasonal flavors can be nice options that add to the theme of your day.
- Find out if you need to provide a cake stand.
- If you want fresh flowers on the confection, learn who will place them. Put your florist and baker into contact with each other.
- Learn how large they consider a slice – this may affect how much cake you need to order.
- Be sure to get a sketch of the design.
- Find out when the cake will be made and what time it will be delivered.
- You should eat beforehand, as being hungry might affect your taste buds. Plus, all that sugar on an empty stomach isn't a great idea.
- Be sure to cleanse your palate between each sample.
- If allowed, consider getting a different flavor and filling for each tier in order to maximize your options.
- Taste the frosting, filling, and cake separately. You may want to mix and match in a different combination than what the baker provided.
- Discuss your plans for a cake topper, so the designer knows how to leave the top of the cake.
- If you visit multiple bakers, do not make all of your appointments on one day. By the later ones, you will be sick of sugar.
- Be prepared to pay a deposit to hold the date, if you're ready to make a decision.

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