How to Handle Overwhelming DIY Projects

It may be time to step away from the crafting supplies.

When you first get engaged, you probably have an influx of ideas and plans you want to implement in order to throw the greatest party of your life. However, after the real planning starts, reality begins to set in. Sometimes it’s in the form of finances, vendor availability, or your families exerting more influence than you expected. And then there’s Pinterest, so full of ideas for making your nuptials one-of-a-kind – as long as you have the time and crafting ability to do so. We’ve all been there; choosing a project and then discovering halfway through that it is way more difficult or will take up way more time than you thought it would. What’s a bride to do once you’re knee-deep in lace and covered in paper cuts? 

what to do when diy wedding projects overwhelm you
Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography

While we’re generally in the camp of “your bridal party’s only job is to show up in the right attire,” there’s no denying that sometimes you really need the help of your nearest and dearest. Be sure to ask nicely and try to make a fun day of it, and it’s likely that your bridesmaids will be happy to assist you with a DIY project. Just remember not to be upset if someone isn’t available – you can’t expect people to drop everything before the big day actually occurs. Don’t have a bridal party? Everyone is super busy or lives far away? Well, if you’ve hired a wedding planner – which we highly recommend – you may be able to get professional assistance with your projects. It’s something to check when signing your initial contract, or you can likely pay an hourly fee for the help.

If the task ahead seems truly insurmountable, there’s no shame in taking the easy way out. For DIY projects that involve fun little extras, you can always just skip it! Don’t fall for the sunk-cost fallacy – if the task is causing you more stress than the joy it will bring on your wedding day, there’s no reason to continue. Now, if the items you are making are must-haves – a seating chart, perhaps – that doesn’t mean you have to finish. While the final product may not be what you originally had in mind, simply purchasing what you need may bring peace of mind.

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier