How to Keep a Potential Disaster from Ruining Your Wedding

Here are some solutions, as well as tips to avoid what could go wrong.

How to Keep a Potential Disaster from Ruining Your Wedding

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Everyone dreams that their wedding day will be perfect, but unfortunately things can go wrong. Sometimes it’s something relatively minor that is easy to laugh about after a little bit of time passes, but every now and then there is an occurrence that qualifies as a disaster. We hate for any brides or grooms to be sad on what should be the happiest day of their lives, so we have some solutions for the common major problems that threaten to ruin a wedding day, as well as how to avoid them altogether. 

First, consider purchasing wedding insurance. This might not save the actual wedding day, but it can salvage your hard-earned money and give you a second chance at the perfect celebration. You should check in with your vendors about a month out from the big day. If they start dodging your calls, something is probably wrong – such as they realized they double booked you and are afraid to admit it, the company went out of business, or maybe it was unfortunately a scam. Start looking for a replacement right away and contact the Better Business Bureau to help you get a refund if you continue to not be able to get in touch with the vendor. Remember: always research reviews before signing a contract, and don’t go with someone brand new if they don’t have legitimate references. Keep that contract on hand since it will help protect you if you need a refund. 

Always have a back-up plan for weather – not just rain, but also wind or even extreme heat. If your Plan B has to be at a different location entirely, rather than just an indoor space where your alfresco nuptials were intended to be held, make sure there’s an easy way to let guests know. Your wedding website or invitations are a good option if you don’t want to have to schedule an email blast or have someone organize a phone tree. 

If your hair trial doesn’t go well, speak up! That’s how it’ll look that day if you don’t share your concerns. If it can’t be tweaked, it may be better to eat the cost of the trial and find a different stylist that better understands your vision. If you’re worried about ruining your makeup by crying, use waterproof mascara, a setting spray, and have a touch-up kit for the reception. An emergency sewing kit could come in handy in case your dress tears.

Barring death or injury, keep any disaster in perspective. After all, you’d probably rather your cake melt than discover you were left at the altar, right? The important thing is that you and your beloved got married – the rest of the mishaps will soon be forgotten. 

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