How to Know You're Too Stressed About Wedding Planning

You didn't know it would be this hard!

Read on to see if you recognize any of these habits in your own planning process and find out how to handle it.

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Planning any event has a tendency to be stressful, but when it’s your own wedding, it can hit a different level. There is a lot of pressure for the day to be perfect, in addition to all the different opinions coming from family members. Unless you are a professional event coordinator, it is always incredibly likely that this is the biggest fête you’ve tried to organize. There is usually much more that goes into preparing nuptials than a milestone birthday party, for example. Though a certain amount of stress can be expected, there are signs that it’s becoming too much to deal with.

how to tell that you're too stressed from wedding planning

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Read on to see if you recognize any of these habits in your own planning process and find out how to handle it. 

- You have stress dreams about the wedding. Instead of a restful sleep, you wake up worried because you forgot to invite a former coworker… whom you never intended to invite in the first place. Though you can’t completely control your subconscious, taking at least five minutes – if not more – to meditate before bed can help clear your mind so you have a more restful sleep. 

- You and your future spouse are bickering more. While every couple will have their arguments, if you’re finding yourself getting more irritable it could be because of tension caused by only focusing on your impending nuptials. Schedule regular date nights where discussing the big day is off the table so you have a chance to remember why you’re getting married in the first place. 

- You’re either working or planning. When you’re not at your job, you’re doing a craft for your reception or researching vendors. Yes, there are deadlines for certain things, but it’s important to make time for yourself. A detailed schedule can help you figure out whether something actually does need to be done that second, or if it just feels like it does. When you’re not right up against a deadline, practice some self-care, whether that’s getting your nails done, going to a yoga class, or even just using a facemask at home. 

- You procrastinate on everything. Studies have shown that people who have a tendency to procrastinate aren’t necessarily lazy, just perfectionists. Being determined that nothing goes wrong on your perfect day can leave you frozen in indecision. Talking to friends who have already had their weddings, or even reach out to online communities, will help you realize that little things will likely go wrong no matter what – but that it ultimately won’t matter. 

If you're getting too stressed, consider hiring a professional to help out. Browse our directory to find top wedding pros in your area. For more advice, discover skincare tips for when you're stressed out and find products that will help you relax