How to Make a Themed Wedding Tasteful

Discover how to use elegant details to incorporate your wedding theme.

How to Make a Themed Wedding Tasteful

Photo: Thisbe Grace Photography

For many, the theme of a wedding is simply “we’re getting married!” or perhaps a particular color scheme. But for some couples, there is an interest or passion so strong that they decide to make it the theme to their whole wedding.

Now, in the past perhaps this would mean a full-on Renaissance Faire wedding, or a Star Wars wedding complete with the bride dressed as Princess Leia. But now, couples are able to subtly incorporate their theme – whether it be Versailles, The Great Gatsby, or Harry Potter – in surprisingly lovely and tasteful ways.

The key is in the details: You want to avoid turning your wedding into a costume party, or anything reminiscent of a children’s birthday party.

parisian themed wedding decor

Photo by Caroline Tran

Here are our suggestions on how to keep a themed wedding tasteful: 

• Music is a great tool for tying in a theme, as there are so many different ways to use a variety of tunes. For a 1950s-themed wedding, a retro band at the reception gets the point across without being overbearing. A wedding with a movie theme can utilize songs from the soundtrack or score during the ceremony. 

• Instead of having the apparel match the theme, accessories do the trick! Cuff links for the gents make for great photo details, for example, but they won’t distract the guests. 

• Escort cards and table numbers are often where sweethearts show off their personalities, and they are usually small enough to show off the theme while keeping the attention on the centerpieces. 

• Venues that are slightly off the beaten path not only lend themselves to themes, but they can even lead a couple to choosing one! Think museums, classic theaters, and libraries

• The guest book is only seen by the guests briefly, but it will be enjoyed by the newlyweds forever. This is an aspect of the wedding where you can lean into the theme a little more, especially with guest books getting more and more creative. 

• Signature drinks named for or inspired by your wedding theme are fun for your friends and family, but they also avoid alienating anyone not familiar with the references. 

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