How to Plan a Long-Distance Wedding

Are you getting married in a city you don't live in?

With careful organization, you can have the wedding of your dreams, distance notwithstanding.

Photo: Sylvie Gil

Whether you’re having a hometown celebration or destination wedding, you’ll find that planning your nuptials from out of town adds an extra layer of difficulty. Of course, if the location is meaningful to you, it will probably be worth it in the end. Determining how to tackle this planning challenge will largely depend on your means, schedule, and the cooperation of your loved ones. With careful organization, you can have the wedding of your dreams, distance notwithstanding. 

how to plan a long-distance wedding, planning a destination wedding

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography; Venue: Oheka Castle

If you have the ability to visit often, take advantage of that freedom and travel to your event destination for all the appointments you may need. Even under these circumstances, however, it’s a good idea to consolidate as many vendor meetings into one trip as you can. If your schedule is more limited, carve out time for the most important parts. You’ll likely want to tour venues in person, as well as have a tasting with your caterer and baker. Email, phone calls, and even video chats may not be the ideal way to get to know your florist and photographer, but they will allow you to communicate, and their portfolios are easily viewed online. 

For a hometown wedding, you and/or your future spouse’s parents can be a valuable resource. There will be some meetings and decisions you may be willing to not have a direct hand in, and your parents can attend these on your behalf – even sending pictures so you can still invoke your opinion. For true destination fêtes, hiring a planner will be a lifesaver. A professional event consultant will be invaluable even if you have family or friends living in the location of your nuptials, but for a faraway site – especially overseas – a wedding planner is absolutely a necessary hire. 

Remember that not everything has to be done where your event will be hosted. You can shop for your attire in the city where you live, and your invitations can be made at a local shop if you choose not to do them online. For other design elements, keeping things simple and sticking to the decisions you make will help organize the chaos.

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