How to Salute Your Spouse's Military Service at the Wedding

Highlight your partner's service in the armed forces with these meaningful details.

Many people like to honor the sacrifice veterans make for our country, but if your spouse served in the military you are likely even more motivated!

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Many people like to honor the sacrifice veterans make for our country, but if your spouse served in the military you are likely even more motivated! A lot of active-duty military members and veterans are extremely modest about their service, so you’ll want to be cautious that you’re not drawing too much attention to the fact, or at least be open and communicative about your ideas to tie in military themes to the big day. After all, if the point is to honor your future spouse, the last thing you want is for them to feel embarrassed. However, other veterans are happy to embrace the pride they feel for their service and branch of the military. As long as you’re on the same page, it is a lovely way to add personalization to your wedding. Here are some ideas of how to salute the service of your future spouse during your big day:

military wedding details, how to honor a veteran at your wedding
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- Wear the dress uniform. This is obviously up to your spouse, but dress blues or whites are a simple way to highlight service. A bride may be more likely to prefer a dress, but it is an option for any service member. It also saves money for a suit, although wearing the dress uniform for the ceremony and changing for the reception is another great choice.

- Use formal titles on paper goods. Like doctors, your beloved worked hard to earn their military titles, so they deserve to be listed alongside their name on invitations, programs, and more.

- Subtle accessories and details. If full dress blues or whites aren’t your sweetheart’s style, cufflinks, jewelry, or socks may be a better, more understated way to highlight their service. 

- Make a donation. In lieu of a registry or favors, consider making a donation to a charity that supports veterans. 

- Themed desserts. Whether a full groom’s cake, small details on your main confection, or decorated treats at your dessert table, this is a sweet way to honor your loved one’s service. 

- Take part in a saber arch. A fun tradition that will make for great pictures, this ceremony varies between different military branches – so do your research!

- Include a memorial table. Your future spouse may have lost friends while serving overseas, or perhaps is part of a military family with members who have passed on. Including a flag or appropriate medals along with photos at a memorial table would be a touching tribute. 

Be inspired by real military weddings and get ideas for a red, white, and blue color palette

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