How to Show Appreciation for Your Wedding Vendors

They deserve some recognition for making your big day so great!

How to Show Appreciation for Your Wedding Vendors

Photo: Justine Ungaro

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As much work as you spent planning your wedding, you are most likely aware that the credit for the celebration's eventual success doesn’t fully belong to you. The professionals you hired have a big part in making sure everything goes smoothly and that your big day is just how you’ve always imagined it. That’s why it’s important to show appreciation for your vendors once their work is done. Yes, it’s their job, but giving recognition is a kind thing to do, and if someone went above and beyond for your celebration, it’s only right to acknowledge that. “But how do we show our thanks?” you may ask. There are no set rules in this regard and no etiquette guide you can point to – it’s just about being polite. Below are our suggestions on how to best show your vendors that you know how important they were in making your wedding the best day of your life. 

- Tips are always appreciated. For professionals for whom you were already planning to leave a gratuity, such as hairstylists and makeup artists, perhaps give a little extra than what you already factored into your budget if they went beyond the call of duty.
- Leave glowing reviews on sites such as Yelp. Think about how often you relied on reviews when deciding which vendors to interview – now is the time to contribute.
- On a similar note, if you have friends or family getting married in the same region, recommend those professionals who you especially enjoyed working with.
- Order some extra thank-you cards so you can mail your main vendors notes of appreciation.
- Tag their accounts when sharing pictures on social media so they receive credit for their work beyond their own followers.
- With permission from your photographer, send photos of your professionals’ work for use in their portfolio.
- Become a repeat customer by hiring them for future events when possible, such as milestone birthdays, anniversary parties, and baby showers.

Find out what to do if a vendor is nonresponsive and what you need to what you need to decide before you start booking wedding professionals. 

Opening photo by Amy & Stuart Photography; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants