How to Throw a Lingerie-Themed Bridal Shower or Party

Why you should consider this playful, feminine trend for your nuptials.

How to Throw a Lingerie-Themed Bridal Shower or Party

Photo: Jasmine Star Photography

Bridal Party Guests

Okay, so the name isn’t incredibly couth, but despite what may come to mind when you hear the term, having a lingerie shower or "panty party" before your wedding is a fun, unique way to bring your gals a little closer. It’s different from the “gifts” portion of your average bachelorette party: you can invite your mom, your aunts, maybe even your grandmother (and possibly his!) to this playful get together.

How it works: There isn’t a set time period, though we’d recommend planning for the morning of your wedding – that is, if it starts in the late afternoon and goes into the evening. Typically, the mother of the bride, the maid of honor, or a bridesmaid plans the party and sends out invitations that include the bride’s bra and underwear sizes (or pajama sizes, depending on your preference) to the women of her choice. Make sure you specify any necessary details; let everyone know what kind of underwear to bring (frilly, conservative, funny, etc.) and the expected crowd (your quirky cousins, your mother’s church friends, etc.), so that all your guests are on the same page.

Invitations can go out to a gaggle of girls – the bridal party, friends from high school, female relatives, etc. – to attend the event for a few hours in the morning. If you’re getting married near your home or the home of a close relative, we suggest you gather the ladies there to make for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Mimosas, muffins, and fresh fruit make for an ideal breakfast spread! Decorations can be kept minimal and sophisticated or become a little more spirited – think “streamers” made from pairs of panties for each upcoming holiday. It’ll be a fun reminder of the fête and something your new spouse will enjoy as much as you! There will likely be toasts in your honor, maybe a tearful speech or two, and the event gives you the chance to say a few words to the women in your life on the morning of your wedding: what could be more special?

Opening your gifts maybe be slightly reminiscent of your childhood birthday parties – complete with your mother taking note of who gave what – and that’s part of what makes it fun! Ladies will “ooh,” “ahh,” and giggle as you show off the new additions to your wardrobe of intimates. It may surprise you how quickly everyone gets involved in the bridal merriment.

In addition to a lively and unique experience, panty parties offer you the opportunity to spend more time with out-of-town female relatives you wouldn’t get to interact with as closely at your reception. Plus, it’s a fun way to start the day and settle any jitters you may have. Of course, if the morning of the big day doesn’t work well for you, any time prior to the nuptials is also fine. Instead, consider a couple of months or a few weeks before your wedding – very similar to a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Brides who have opted for a panty party gush that it was one of the best ideas they’d never heard of and their gal pals talked about it for months after the wedding.

Opening photo by Jasmine Star Photography