How to Throw the Perfect Winter Engagement Party

It's the natural next step after a holiday proposal.

With so many proposals happening during the holiday season, it is only natural to have an engagement party during the winter months.

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With so many proposals happening during the holiday season, it is only natural to have an engagement party during the winter months. Sure, some may prefer to wait until the weather improves in spring, but plenty of couples will be eager to celebrate the milestone. In fact, after the new year, winter can feel especially dreary and a fête celebrating your love may be just the thing to brighten the spirits of your loved ones. However, unless you live somewhere with particularly mild winters, the popular garden party vibe will likely not be a good fit. 

how to plan the perfect winter engagement party
Photo by The Day by Ira Lippke

Décor Theme
While we recommend leaning into the season when choosing a theme for your engagement party, it’s probably best to avoid overtly festive design elements, lest the celebration come across more like a holiday party. Therefore, try avoiding sprigs of pine and a red-and-green color palette. Instead, a décor aesthetic inspired by snow sports such as skis, sleds, or even snowshoes can provide the cozy wintry feel you desire.

Food & Drink
When it comes to food and drink, it’s hard to go wrong with hot chocolate and hot apple cider, whether spiked or not. Eggnog, on the other hand, can be divisive and too holiday-centric. Naturally, warm comfort foods are a good choice for this time of year. However, it can also be helpful to remember that many of your guests may be dieting, as that is always a popular New Year’s resolution, so it is thoughtful to include healthy options that include seasonal produce. 

Floral & Lighting Design
While there are plenty of beautiful flowers available for the winter, lighting will really add to the ambience. Don’t pack up your twinkle lights from holiday decorations quite yet, as they can be repurposed to add a romantic element to the event space. As long as they are not the multicolored variety, your décor will not come off as having a Christmas theme. For more romance, which is what an engagement party is all about, candles will add the perfect warm glow to your soirée. 

For more ideas, discover holiday wedding inspiration, learn how to incorporate wreaths into décor, and gather registry advice from a recently married couple. 

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