Is a Short Engagement Right for You?

Learn about the benefits and downsides of saying "I do" sooner than average.

Getting engaged is an exciting time, but also one that kick-starts a long decision-making process. How many people will you invite? Where will you tie the knot? And perhaps most importantly, when will you get married? Even if you don’t have sentimental attachment to a particular date, when your wedding occurs has an effect on many aspects of planning. If there is a certain venue you have your heart set on, it’s very possible that the only available dates would require either a very short engagement or a long one. Most couples spend around a year planning their wedding, but that isn’t always possible – or desired! Find out if a short engagement is right for you by reading through the pros and cons. 

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Photo by Michael Segal Photography; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events


- You get married sooner! This is obvious, but the shorter your engagement, the quicker you get to enjoy married life. For couples who dated a long time before getting engaged, this can be a nice way to make up for lost time.

- Less risk of burn out. Many people share that during the stress of planning, they found themselves daydreaming about an elopement instead. When you’re spending over a year coordinating details for a big event, it’s easy to eventually become sick of it. When it’s only eight months or less, however? You’ll still be excited when the big day arrives! 

- It forces quick decisions. Being overwhelmed by choices is a common phenomenon. When you have a strict deadline, you can’t dwell on options and keep researching after finding a vendor you already know will work. Make your choice, don’t look back, and find that you’re less stressed than other engaged couples!


- It rushes the engagement phase. Some sweethearts don’t feel much of a difference when they transition from dating to engaged, but for others it’s a whole new way to experience their relationship. If you want to relish this period, several months might not cut it!

- Less time to plan. If you both have busy lives, it can be tough to fit in the necessary research and vendor appointments in a short time frame, even with the help of a professional wedding planner

- Fewer options. Your top choices for vendors might already be booked – some of the most in-demand options for venues, photographers, and florists can be booked up in as much as two years in advance!

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier