Looks We Want to Steal from 1950s Weddings

Retro details that work for weddings.

Looks We Want to Steal from 1950s Weddings

Photo: Jana Williams Photography

One of the most liberating aspects of selecting your wedding style is that it can reflect anything you love – and not necessarily what people typically associate with you. Drawing inspiration from whatever makes you swoon – be it an era in time or a favorite genre of music – is a completely valid means of incorporating your personality into your special day.

The 1950s era is my personal favorite in time, and I found a lot of inspiration for wedding design while composing a post as a guest blogger for InspiredByThis.com. A pink T-Bird (circa 1957) would make my ideal getaway car, and a classic stand mixer tops my list of registry picks. Beth Helmstetter – a Los Angeles-based wedding consultant and friend – gave me the idea for using a vintage typewriter in lieu of a guest book.

Mixer by KitchenAid; Photo of Thunderbird courtesy of Amon Minter’s Thunderbirds; photo of typewriter courtesy of Grace Light; photo of sign courtesy of FairyFreckles.com.

The Wedding Fashion

Dolly Thicke’s line of vintage-inspired dresses absolutely makes me swoon. The retro silhouettes are beautiful, and the details are so sweet. Dolly also does custom designs, as well as smart accessories such as headpieces and shoes. The leopard-print pumps by Dolly below are so flirty and fun!

Dresses, headpiece, and pumps by Dolly Couture; photos by Alice Hu Photography.

The Engagement Ring

My favorite movie star, Lana Turner, was the epitome of glamour through the 1940s and 50s. Her soon-to-be third husband dropped an engagement ring with a 15ct. (yes, fifteen-carat) marquise-shaped diamond into her glass of Champagne at the 21 Club, beginning a trend that exists to this day. The crystal-filled stems of the Swarovski flutes below are perfect for toasting a new engagement.

Actress Lana Turner on the cover of Photoplay magazine; Crystalline toasting flutes by Swarovski; Pink POP Rose Champagne by Pommery; engagement ring with 3ct. marquise diamond by Blue Nile.

The Wedding Flowers

Peonies are my favorite flowers, followed closely by gardenias and roses. I love how pale the bridal bouquet below is, and the pink chandelier is so pretty and girly.

Photo of reception by Jay Lawrence Goldman; photos of ceremony, bouquet, and rose petals by: Yitzhak Dalal.

The Wedding Stationery

Letterpressed invitations are all the rage today, but in the 1950s, engraving was the height of elegance. The Engraved Peony invitation by Vera Wang combines the classic method of printing with my favorite bloom in the beautiful new design below. Stevie Streck Designs is a recent find for shower invites and bridal stationery that I absolutely love. The look is romantic and retro, and the dimensional elements such as ribbon and tulle add a lovely creative touch.

Photo of peony invitation courtesy of FineStationery.com; stationery by Stevie Streck Designs.