Must-Have Wedding Photos: Getting-Ready Glamour Shots

Get inspired by these glamorous images of brides and 'maids getting ready for the big day.

Must-Have Wedding Photos: Getting-Ready Glamour Shots

Photo: Laurie Bailey, Denis Reggie, Ira Lippke, Callaway Gable, Jen Lynne

One of the most beloved series of wedding photos is that of the bride and her wedding attendants getting ready for the big day – so beloved, in fact, that the scene is being set and the shots meticulously planned well in advance. Makeup is applied, clutter swept away, and coordinating outfits donned before the wedding photographer is on the scene, helping to ensure flawless photos of the excitement and emotion. And what could be more photogenic than flirty, feminine robes that complement each other in style and color? Whether the shots are posed or taken in a photojournalist style, everyone looks polished and perfectly coordinated.

Take a look at the inspirational photos below of real brides and their bridesmaids posing while prepping for the big day to come, and consider how you’d like to be captured with your girls... and what you’d like to be wearing when you are. For more information on the real weddings themselves, click on your favorite photos to see more images and details.

Bride and bridesmaids getting ready photos in white robes
Photo by Denis Reggie Photographers

Bride and bridesmaids getting ready photos on bed with white robes
Photo by Gruber Photographers

Bride and mother of the bride with robes
Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography

Bridesmaids getting ready photos in blue robes
Photo by Renee Sprink Photography

Destination wedding bridesmaids in flower print robes
Photo by Paul Barnett Photographer

Bridesmaids laughing in flower print robes
Photo by Jen Lynne Photography

Bridesmaids and flower girl getting ready photos
Photo by Studio EMP

Bridesmaids in marble bathroom in floral print robes
Photo by Ira Lippke Studios

Bridesmaids in silk purple robes
Photo by Andi Diamond Photography

Bridesmaids in flower print robes on bed
Photo by Palermo Photo

Bridesmaids in pink terrycloth robes
Photo by John Solano Photography

Bridesmaids in bright fuchsia silk robes
Photo by Callaway Gable

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